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Neutral wire
Type of use
IP Rating
Control of electrical circuits
Switching AC voltage 230V
Switching DC voltage 12-30V
Dimming AC 230V
Dimming DC voltage 12-30V
FIBARO HC2 Compatibility
FIBARO HC LITE Compatibility
VERA PLUS Compatibility
VERA EDGE Compatibility
ZIPABOX Compatibility
RAZBERRY Compatibility
POPP Compatibility
PIPER Compatibility

Electrical meters 

Z-Wave Energy Meters can report actual (in W) and accumulated (in kWh) power consumption of any electrical device attached to it. Some of Z-Wave wall plugs and switch modules can also turn On/Off any electrical device. Power consumption can be seen on your smartphone or laptop anywhere and anytime.

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Showing 1 - 32 of 34 items

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