Z-Wave - technology for every smart home!

Z-Wave is a wireless technology developed specifically for smart homes, houses and building control solutions. It provides for communication between various electronic devices in your home and for their remote control.

All Z-Wave devices in your home communicate with one-another wirelessly, which means their installation is simple and fast and can be done by just about anyone. Your home and all Z-Wave devices can be controlled over the Internet from anywhere in the world using a PC, tablet or mobile phone. Remote control of your home is provided by the Z-Wave Control Unit, the ‘Z-Wave Controller’ (Z-Wave Gateway), which is the brains and central control system of any smart home or house. Using our Z-Wave devices at any time and place you can control your lighting, HVAC, and security systems (PIR motion sensors, IP cameras, alarms, etc.), electric blinds and window shutters, various sensors (temperature, humidity, light intensity, CO2), measure power consumption, and basically control any electric appliance in your home.


At present there are over 1700 products using Z-Wave technology offered by more than 450 manufacturers worldwide, and the number is constantly growing. Z-Wave is a standard for the wireless control and control of electric devices. Z-Wave is the key enabling the technology that drives the "Internet of Things" (IoT). All products bearing the Z-Wave logo are interoperable and certified. Certification is the responsibility of a consortium of manufacturers - the Z-Wave Alliance.

Proof that Z-Wave is the technology of the future for home automation is the fact of its use in solutions of technology giants such as Cisco, AT&T, Verizon, General Electric, etc.

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