In the category of gadgets you can find sophisticated devices and solutions for everyday use.

  • Voice assistants
    Voice assistants

    In this category you will find voice assistants from Apple, Amazon or Google. Voice assistants serve as a great addition to your home automation system and can control your devices, scenes and automation through your voice instructions. Voice assistants will tell you the weather, time, or information for you, such as a recipe or TV show.

  • Headphones

    Why has the Haylou brand earned so much attention in China? When quality goes hand in hand with price and modern product design is added to it, there is nothing to hesitate about. That is why the Xiaomi brand has become a customer of some of its products, which it then sells rebranded under its logo. Haylou's high-quality Bluetooth earbuds with true wireless (TWS) technology and long battery life will convince you too. Intelligent touch control, clearer sound when making phone calls, transmission range up to 10 meters. Carry them with you in a practical charging case that protects them from dirt while keeping them buried. Wireless earbuds are widely used, when watching movies, sports or traveling. They will take care of the perfect experience of any sound. Welcome Haylou's intelligent technologies to your life.

  • Smart Watch
    Smart Watch

    We have been using smart watches for some time now, so let's not be surprised that we are enjoying new goodies every year. The Haylou brand is well known especially in the Chinese market, but now you also have the opportunity to see why it has gained a leading position in the market with intelligent technologies and why the Xiaomi brand has also become a customer of some of its products. Haylou smart watches not only look stylish on the hand, but also provide great battery life and a number of functions useful not only for sports. Up to 14 sports modes, the Haylou Fit mobile application with all the data, water resistance, sleep analysis or receiving notifications and messages from your smartphone are a matter of course that you can expect from every watch model. Haylou smart watches are built to the latest standards to ensure maximum consumer satisfaction. See for yourself.

  • Smart Body Scale
    Smart Body Scale

    Smart scales monitor your personal weight and you can monitor your progress. They allow convenient measurement of various body data and overview in the mobile application.

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