WiFi / LAN 

In this category, you will find WiFi / LAN smart devices that can work autonomously or in collaboration with other control systems when connected to a home network.

  • Amazon Alexa
    Amazon Alexa

    Amazon smart products. In the product category you will find eg. voice assistants that can be integrated into Fibaro, Homey, and other automation systems.

  • DoorBird

    DoorBird are high-quality IP video intercoms and accessories manufactured in Berlin (Germany) by Bird Home Automation Group.

    Such IP video intercoms allow the client to communicate audio-visually with a visitor to his house from anywhere in the world using a smartphone or tablet. Open the door, monitor the movement in front of the door, open the door without touching or via RFID card, PIN code and the like.

    The accessories for video entry stations include, for example, an acoustic doorbell or an indoor unit (display) that allows you to control the video entry station from a table or a house wall.

  • Google

    Google smart products. In the product category you will find eg. voice assistants that can be integrated into Fibaro, Homey, and other automation systems.

  • iEAST

    iEAST products are audio devices that are connected to your LAN via WiFi or Ethernet port. They allow you to listen to music from your smartphone, tablet or PC via wireless transfer. All you need is the iEAST Play application for iOS or Android.

    Connect the iEAST wireless multiroom streaming device to an active speaker and WiFi network and control listening to music from your tablet or phone.

    iEAST supports music playback from USB, NAS and the use of services such as Spotify, Tidal, and more.

  • iTach

    iTach devices that allow easy control of appliances communicating via Infrared radiation via the home network via WiFi or LAN. Appliances such as TV, DVD / Blu-Ray, Hi-Fi can be controlled using the Z-Wave network controller (via LAN), which means you can place the iTach anywhere you need and control it using the Z-Wave network controller such as Fibaro Home Center 2 or VERA.

  • iWattMeter

    iWattMeter 2 is a bidirectional power meter that captures your current and cumulative power consumption or production in Watts (W) and kiloWatt-hours (kWh). Analyze and find out how much consumption each appliance has. Accurate 3-phase energy measurement.

  • LaMetric

    Smart WiFi clock with display, which allows you to check the current notifications from email or social networks. You can also check the weather, stock market, rates. You can also listen to the radio or play Spotify with the built-in speaker.

  • Nanoleaf

    Nanoleaf's intelligent modular WiFi lighting system allows you to create a pleasant atmosphere in your home. Adjust the lighting according to your current mood or adjust the light to control the music. You can freely connect individual modules to create unique shapes.

  • Netatmo

    Netatmo is a French company that produces smart home appliances. Founded in 2011, it launched a variety of products, including a variety of security cameras, weather sensors and internet-connected smoke detectors.

    The company was acquired in November 2018 by the French group Legrand to expand its range of connected products and strengthen its presence in the smart home market.

  • Shelly

    Shelly is a Bulgarian manufacturer of WiFi smart devices for wireless control of SMART households. Shelly products are unique WiFi devices without the need for a control unit controlled by their own application. They can work completely independently, but also in your existing Homey or FIBARO system. By combining Shelly sensors and actuators, you can create a comfortable, fully autonomous home automation system with remote access to your SMART devices. The SMART household has never been more affordable.

    Shelly are Wifi smart devices that offer autonomous operation with Shelly Cloud. In addition to autonomous operation, however, they can be part of various automation systems such as Homey, HomeAssistant, OpenHAB2, etc. They support the use of RESP API and MQTT.

  • Tuya Smart (Smart Life)
    Tuya Smart (Smart Life)

    Tuya provides a leading global IoT platform based on WiFi standard that enables manufacturers, brands, OEMs and retail chains to develop one-stop smart home solutions. Tuya is internationally operated with headquarters in U.S., Germany, India, Japan and China.

    To-date, Tuya has 180,000 clients in over 190 countries who are delivering over 90 thousand Powered by Tuya products, covering 500 types of products, ranking the first in the industry, including lighting, appliances, entertainment and security solutions.

    Apps for mobile device are available at Google Play Smart Life - Smart Living or Tuya Smart also at Apple Store Smart Life - Smart Living or Tuya Smart.

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