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Smoke sensors 

Z-wave fire sensors inform your Z-Wave control unit about the amount of toxic gases. When a certain threshold is reached, an alarm is triggered and a possible danger report is sent to your smartphone or tablet.

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  • HEATIT Z-Smoke Detector 230V, Z-Wave smoke sensor

    Thermo-Floor AS

    132,00 € tax incl.
    110,00 € tax stock
    in stock

    Heatit Z-Smoke Detector is a multifunctional wireless Z-Wave smoke sensor for smart home systems. Multifunctional smoke detector Smoke and heat Detection Built-in motion and temperature sensor Emergency lighting and back-up battery Z-Wave Plus

  • Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm

    Works with Apple HomeKit
    Works with Apple HomeKit


    99,99 € tax incl.
    83,33 € tax excl.Out of stock
    Out of stock

    Better fire protection for your home with alerts sent to your smartphone. 10-year battery 85dB alarm smartphone alerts in real time Apple HomeKit

  • Popp CO Detector


    88,90 € tax incl.
    74,08 € tax stock
    in stock

    The Popp CO sensor controls air quality and warns when CO exceeds a defined limit. In case of an alarm the devices causes a loud sound (85dB/3m) and reports the alarm to the Z-Wave control center. Integrated 10years lithium battery Alarm sound with 85dB/3m Button for easy test and muting Memory function LED signal lights for power supply, alarm mode and...

  • POPP 10-Years Smoke Detector without Siren Function

    Fibaro Compatibility
    Compatible with FIBARO


    73,10 € tax incl.
    60,92 € tax stock
    in stock

    Certified '10 year' stand-alone smoke detector with a plug-in Z-Wave module. High-End smoke detector 1 * 10 Year Lithium cell - powered for life Certified by the VdS for Q quality and DIN EN 14604 The smoke chamber is monitored electronically Z-Wave Plus This is a non-siren version for extended battery life.

  • FIBARO Smoke Sensor (FGSD-002 ZW5)

    1 Review
    Talks with Homey
    Compatible with Homey
    Fibaro Compatibility
    Compatible with FIBARO


    64,99 € tax incl.
    54,16 € tax stock
    in stock

    Unique wireless smoke detector and fire alarm with modern design to protect your home and family

  • HEIMAN Smart Smoke Sensor 2 (HS3SA)

    Fibaro Compatibility
    Compatible with FIBARO
    Talks with Homey
    Compatible with Homey


    38,99 € tax incl.
    32,49 € tax stock
    in stock

    Detects smoke and visible particles which arise by a smoldering fire Soundlevel of alarm: 85 dB/3m Low battery indication Battery required: Yes (1x battery CR17335) Battery lifetime: 3 years Wireless technology: Z-Wave Plus Smoke Sensor applies DIN EN14604

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items

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