We can not even imagine an intelligent home without the possibility of remote control of appliances or lighting. Always keep an eye on how much energy your household or specific device consumes through attractive sockets, modules and meters with attractive looks, you will save much. Smart sockets are just plugged into a regular socket and you can enjoy their rich features. Modules control light and simple appliances while controlling their consumption. Modified modules can handle and manipulate roller shutters or garage gates only on the command of your smartphone. To control the heating systems use a timer relay, the dimming modules replace the existing circuit breakers.

  • Outlets

    Smarthome wallplugs, the most easy way to smarthome-automate your house, but also very complex.

  • Switching relay modules
    Switching relay modules

    Switch one or two electric circuits using the Z-Wave module relay remotely. Keep under control the consumption of the various loads.

  • Dimming modules
    Dimming modules

    Control fans using Z-Wave dimming modules and regulate their intensity. You can also dim the lights.

  • Consumption Measurement
    Consumption Measurement

    Using Z-Wave devices measure the total electric consumption. Using Z-Wave relay modules, sockets, you can measure consumption on the different electrical devices and components.

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Showing 1 - 40 of 181 items

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