Control, organize, monitor. Give electrical appliances intelligence and control them remotely using Z-Wave system. Well with the Z-Wave e-meters, you will always have an overview of the current and the total electricity consumption in the house or on single electrical appliance.

  • Outlets

    Smarthome wallplugs, the most easy way to smarthome-automate your house, but also very complex.

  • Switching relay modules
    Switching relay modules

    Switch one or two electric circuits using the Z-Wave module relay remotely. Keep under control the consumption of the various loads.

  • Dimming modules
    Dimming modules

    Control fans using Z-Wave dimming modules and regulate their intensity. You can also dim the lights.

  • Consumption Measurement
    Consumption Measurement

    Using Z-Wave devices measure the total electric consumption. Using Z-Wave relay modules, sockets, you can measure consumption on the different electrical devices and components.

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Showing 1 - 32 of 37 items

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