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Gas sensors 

Z-Wave gas sensor are Z-Wave sensors that provide the controller with information on the amount of gas measured.

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  • Eurotronic Air Quality Sensor Z-Wave Plus (VOC Sensor)

    EUROtronic Technology GmbH

    62,90 € tax incl.
    52,42 € tax stock
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    The brand new Z-Wave sensor in an ultra slim design housing provides comprehensive information on indoor air quality. Swiss sensor technology Returns the following values: VOC value (volatile organic compounds) in ppm, CO2 value (as CO2 equivalent) in ppm, Temperature (°C) and humidity (%), Dew point (°C) S2 security (encryption) Z-Wave repeater function...

  • HEIMAN Gas Sensor (HS1CG)

    Talks with Homey
    Compatible with Homey


    40,00 € tax incl.
    33,33 € tax excl.Out of stock
    Out of stock

    Gas Sensor for combustible gases Low power consumption (< 1.5W) Use for indoor areas Repeater function Acoustic alarm with 75 db (1m distance) Power supply: 100 - 240V (Type F) Wireless technology: Z-Wave Plus

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items

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