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IoT - Internet of Things
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Smart control 

With intelligent control, you control your entire household. Centralized units let you control individual devices over an internet connection wherever you are. At the same time, you can monitor them anytime, so you can control locks, thermostats or windows on your vacation or business trip. You will surely choose from a wide range of accessories to make household management even clearer. With special adapters, modules, and software, developers want to create their own control unit. Control of handy devices is provided with controls, switches, or wireless buttons.

  • Controllers

    Do you long for an automated household that would give you time for many other activities? In today's world, you can control heating, CCTV, door opening and closing, shading and many other household appliances via your mobile, tablet or computer. It's a handy solution to save time in today's busy world. If you are thinking about automating your home, buying a central unit for your smart home will be a must. Choose from a wide range of products on our site, you will find various units that are among the top in the market.

  • Adapters, modules and software
    Adapters, modules and software

    Do you want to set up your own Z-Wave control unit at home? If you plan to purchase devices that will communicate with each other based on Z-Wave technology, it is essential that you purchase the appropriate software for your computer. It is he who allows you to cleverly control individual devices in your home to make your home operation as easy as possible. Smart housing is a household that makes you not a slave to your house or apartment, which is now priceless. Stay smart with practical home helpers. You can find them in our offer in several versions.

  • Remote Control
    Remote Control

    To control your Z-Wave devices, you will need a suitable controller that can give them commands while you wait. There's nothing better than dictating your own rules and conditions in the house, what do you say? Choose from a variety of products that control not only the devices themselves, but also the Z-Wave control unit. In the offer you will find various stylish pieces that will not act as another control that takes up space, but as an original accessory. Their design will please every lover of stylish pieces for home. Colors and finishes are not limited, just choose your smart favorite.

  • Accessories

    If you're looking for accessories for Z-Wave controllers, you're in the right place. Modules, adapters, signal amplifiers, SD cards and keyboards can be found in a wide range of Choose products to make your smart home work flawlessly. Leave "normal" activities to smart devices to make your life easier. Time plays direct in today's world, use it wisely - for your hobbies that let you figure out other thoughts and relax from worries. There is no wasted time you can spend with your family and knowing that everything works well in your home without your help.

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