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Water and gas 

Those who really want to save and care about water and gas consumption in their home or business, will use the services of the Z-Wave control unit to regulate water and gas flow at the same time. Stop the flow in your water or gas pipelines only by ordering from your phone or tablet whenever an unpleasant situation or fault requiring repair occurs. Through the regulator, intelligent households can avoid many inconveniences. If you gas out, you can easily check your consumption in the winter months with a sensor that tracks measured values from a mechanical or electronic meter and reports your smartphone.

  • Flow control
    Flow control

    Control the flow of gas or water using Z-Wave devices remotely.

  • Measurement of consumption
    Measurement of consumption

    Measure the overall consumption of water and gas using Z-Wave measurement devices and reach data about consumption from anywhere where you are.

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  • POPP Flow Stop 2


    87,90 € tax incl.
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    Motor operated shut-off controller Automatic flow stop for gas and water pipes Ball valve closes in just 10 seconds Controllable by pc, notebook, mobile devices – and sensors Quick and easy installation Motor requires only 12V (1A) Improved version with better stability

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