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Energy Metering
Type of electrical interconnection
Control of electrical circuits
Switching AC voltage 230V
Switching DC voltage 12-30V
Dimming AC 230V
Dimming DC voltage 12-30V
Compatibility with HOMEY
Compatibility with FIBARO HC3
FIBARO HC2 Compatibility
FIBARO HC LITE Compatibility
VERA PLUS Compatibility
VERA EDGE Compatibility
ZIPABOX Compatibility
RAZBERRY Compatibility
Type of use

Z-Wave Dimmers 

Z-Wave Dimmers and Relay modules can control all dimmable lights and lamps within your home, office or any other place. They are easy to install, control and no construction changes are needed in the building as they are attached to the existing electrical installation.

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Showing 1 - 40 of 48 items

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