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Aqara set out to create a different kind of smart home solution, one that is reliable, eco-friendly, and available to anyone who wants to improve their homes and simplify their daily lives.

Aqara is focused on producing Zigbee smart devices like different kinds of sensors, wallplugs, wallswitches and more.

Aqara believe that building a smart home should not be complex or cost prohibitive, that is why Aqara have over 200 Aqara R&D team members working tirelessly to make the most innovative and highest quality products we could at an affordable cost.

Aqara is owned by Lumi United Technology, headquartered in Shenzhen, China.

Aqara is also known thanks for cooperation with Xiaomi. 

It is liberating to control in your house every movement, every opening or closing of a window or an unexpected vibration that deviates from the average of everyday life. Yes, all this and much more can be done by Xiao AQARA intelligent products. These SMART devices supporting the Zigbee protocol are interesting not only for their design, but also for their price. Xiao AQARA devices are controlled by a control center - HUB units, eg AQARA HUB, Home, resp. Home PRO. By incorporating these smart helpers into your smart home, you get the reliability and precision of products that, thanks to state-of-the-art technology, can control almost all aspects of your home (sensors for monitoring movement, humidity, temperature, vibration, windows and doors). Their easy installation, high reach and comfortable operation guarantee that your house and everything you care about will be in the best hands thanks to SMART Xiao AQARA devices.

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