List of products by manufacturer FIBARO, as the official distributor and seller of FIBARO products, presents a smart system that can relieve you of many obligations related to running a household. Thanks to this intelligent system, electrical devices in your house or apartment can easily communicate with each other, so you will not "lose" many of the activities that FIBARO will do for you.

FIBARO is really a class in its category. Its biggest advantage is that you can control it using a smartphone, tablet or computer thanks to the mobile application. You can easily manage your home on vacation, at work or wherever an internet connection is at hand, so checking what is happening at home is no problem even from remote places. Before you can enjoy an easier life, FIBARO must be installed in your home. You do not need building modifications, the installation of the FIBARO system is not hindered even by older electrical circuits, it is compatible with all types. The FIBARO system can be installed by anyone, and the use of modules is just as simple - regulating light intensity or temperature, or setting scenes. You can only communicate wirelessly with FIBARO devices using your phone, tablet or computer. In this way, you easily control, for example, lights, temperature, irrigation, entrance doors or garage doors, ventilation or blinds in your home. Monitoring the movement or securing the household against unauthorized intrusion is also no problem.

Be informed at all times
You can easily find out information about the devices themselves and their operation using a web browser, where you will see them in clear, simple graphs, which are automatically saved and updated. However, if an unexpected situation occurs in your home, the system will send you a report without launching the application yourself. Reasonable, what do you say? The modules themselves know their tasks and know what to do even if the central unit is damaged. In the event of fire or flooding, take the necessary steps. The modules of the FIBARO system work on the basis of the Z-Wave wireless technology, which is extremely popular with many manufacturers, so that your FIBARO system also communicates with other products on the market without any problems.

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