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Today's time requires people to have their lives fully under control. We must be able to process, classify, and make decisions in a number of everyday situations . At the end of the day it is important that these decisions were wise and quick - smart. Fortunately, there are smart technologies that make our lives simpler and more efficient, so that we have the time to make the most of our time - family and friends. Our smart solutions make use of modern clever technologies that we apply to your homes by keeping your current activities and situations under control and actually making life easier for you. Smart systems will transform your apartment and house to intelligent and smart living.

Choose a smart solution for your smart home:

  • Smart control
    Smart control

    With intelligent control, you control your entire household. Centralized units let you control individual devices over an internet connection wherever you are. At the same time, you can monitor them anytime, so you can control locks, thermostats or windows on your vacation or business trip. You will surely choose from a wide range of accessories to make household management even clearer. With special adapters, modules, and software, developers want to create their own control unit. Control of handy devices is provided with controls, switches, or wireless buttons.

  • Heating

    What better way than to return to a nice heated home or apartment after a job, plus that without having to heat all day and spend a lot of money on energy? Through the Internet, you can control the radiators individually and even remotely control the heat and energy consumption. It does not matter whether you are scrubbing the floor or radiators, with a smart thermostat of attractive appearance, you can program the temperature on every day of the week, but you also heat water in the boiler or direct an electric or gas boiler. The thermostatic heads on radiators can be controlled manually, but also via an Internet connection and a control unit. You can also choose from a wide range of accessories.

  • Cooling and shading
    Cooling and shading

    Whether it's summer or winter, we can enjoy our home in pleasant temperatures under any weather conditions. In the summer, we cool it mainly through AC or blindsControl the air conditioner easily and remotely through your mobile, tablet, or computer, and cool your rooms before you get home. On the same principle, your blinds and blinds can also work. Exigent manual control will become a thing of the past. Intelligent systems even ensure that in the event of heavy winds or rain the blinds will automatically lock and protect your windows from whipping of dirty rainwater.

  • Security

    We only deal with our assets when we are at work or on vacation, but also at night when we have criminal elements in the streets. In order to protect ourselves and our homes, we provide alarms, doorbells and intercoms or cameras. We can, for example, open and close the garage door through the wireless intelligent system, but it also informs us when the door is open and should not be. The alarms will alert us to natural disasters or intrusion of the thief and enable us to monitor his movement. Intelligent doorless locks allow us to enter the house via a PIN code or a signal from the control unit. Modern smart doorbells allow us to talk with a visit and let it go, even when we are not at home. Embrace intelligence security too.

  • Sensors and detectors
    Sensors and detectors

    With intelligent sensors and detectors, you will have a thorough overview of your home even at your absence. Avoid disasters caused by fire, leakage of toxic gases or flooding, as the sensor sends information to the control unit after exceeding permitted limits. This will trigger an alarm and send a warning to your smartphone. Detectors can respond to a number of factors, such as movement, but also opening windows or doors, and so you are protected from visiting thieves. Among multi-function sensors, you can also find home weather stations or sensors that detect heat, light, motion, humidity and vibration at the same time.

  • Lighting

    Luxurious, yet gentle living will take care of the use of intelligent technologies. Even lighting can be controlled remotely via Z-Wave switches and smart sockets, which are also capable of measuring power consumption for each appliance separately. As lighting is used not only at home, but also at work or in a weekend house, smart switches become our daily companions. Give your home the atmosphere with intelligent bulbs that change the intensity of light and sometimes its color on the basis of a command from your mobile, tablet or computer. Light the light whenever it's a good opportunity, and take advantage of, for example, a rugged remote for handling Z-Wave devices.

  • Electricity

    We can not even imagine an intelligent home without the possibility of remote control of appliances or lighting. Always keep an eye on how much energy your household or specific device consumes through attractive sockets, modules and meters with attractive looks, you will save much. Smart sockets are just plugged into a regular socket and you can enjoy their rich features. Modules control light and simple appliances while controlling their consumption. Modified modules can handle and manipulate roller shutters or garage gates only on the command of your smartphone. To control the heating systems use a timer relay, the dimming modules replace the existing circuit breakers.

  • Water and gas
    Water and gas

    Those who really want to save and care about water and gas consumption in their home or business, will use the services of the Z-Wave control unit to regulate water and gas flow at the same time. Stop the flow in your water or gas pipelines only by ordering from your phone or tablet whenever an unpleasant situation or fault requiring repair occurs. Through the regulator, intelligent households can avoid many inconveniences. If you gas out, you can easily check your consumption in the winter months with a sensor that tracks measured values from a mechanical or electronic meter and reports your smartphone.

  • Gardening

    The really comfortable living can take care of little things. If you live in a family house and have the look of your garden, you have secured it with the addition of ornamental plants and woods and outdoor lighting. Did you know that nowadays, can outdoor lights be controlled via the Internet? Special sockets and switching modules turn on and off appliances intended for outdoor use, but do not even forget the irrigation systems. You do not have to force yourself into lawn every morning or evening; modern technology will do this for you, of course, if it does not rain. At that time, they are able to send you a weather notification or even give a command to close windows or blinds.

  • Multimedia

    With Z-Wave you have all the multimedia systems in your home, but also in your company. Whether it's a television, a radio, or another appliance, you no longer have to own the controls for each of them separately, so you do not get the whole TV set or workbench on them. Create your home atmosphere like a concert using amplifiers or play your favorite music from your mobile on the speakers of the hi-fi system. Compact devices let you extend the connectivity for multiple devices and accelerate and simplify their use. Serial devices can be controlled via a local network and the Internet.

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