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Apple HomeKit 

Do you want to control your household at a distance and even easier than before? Apple HomeKit products can handle you with different devices in your home without having to have a central unit. From an Apple tablet or cellphone, using the iOS operating system, you control devices that work with Apple HomeKit, bulbs, cameras, blinds, thermostats or door locks. Comfortable living in a smart home will be enhanced by using profiles where you set up individual appliances by time and place.

Fibaro also supports Apple HomeKit, so you can enjoy intelligent flood sensors, motion sensors, door and window sensors, gas sensors, and various device drivers. Thanks to Fibaro and Apple HomeKit technologies, you can begin to see your home in a completely different light and finally enjoy your home without fear of property and health security. In addition to managing a smart home at a distance, you can also get an overview of your energy consumption and save yourself even more.

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Showing 1 - 40 of 93 items

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