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Flood sensors 

Z-Wave water sensors are mainly used as flood protection for example to protect washing machine or dishwashers from leaking.

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  • Works with Apple HomeKit
    Works with Apple HomeKit
    69,99 € tax incl.
    58,33 € tax stock
    in stock

    Fibaro Flood Sensor is a HomeKit-enabled water detector using Bluetooth low energy wireless technology The accessory alarms about flooding, whenever water is detected between its probes Along with detecting flooding, the accessory measures the ambient temperature Tampering is detected whenever the accessory is moved or casing is opened Flood Sensor is not...

  • 59,99 € tax incl.
    49,99 € tax stock
    in stock

    The ultimate Z-Wave Flood, Temperature and Tilt sensor. Detects water to alert for floods Unique floating design Tilt and Temperature sensors Integrated siren and RGB LED indicator Battery or VDC powered Z-Wave Plus Certified

  • 37,80 € tax incl.
    31,50 € tax stock
    in stock

    The Flood Detector consists of a transceiver, flood sensor and 3-meter flood sensor cable. Wall mount design LED battery status indicator

  • 34,99 € tax incl.
    29,16 € tax stock soon
    in stock soon

    This battery-powered Z-Wave water sensor by Hank is capable of detecting both the absence and presence of water at measurements as small as 0.03% of an inch. Flood sensor Compact design for easy installation on the floor and at the wall Included wallmount with sensor probe Low battery status alerts Integrated temperature and vibration sensors Z-Wave Plus

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

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