Sensors and detectors 

With intelligent sensors and detectors, you will have a thorough overview of your home even at your absence. Avoid disasters caused by fire, leakage of toxic gases or flooding, as the sensor sends information to the control unit after exceeding permitted limits. This will trigger an alarm and send a warning to your smartphone. Detectors can respond to a number of factors, such as movement, but also opening windows or doors, and so you are protected from visiting thieves. Among multi-function sensors, you can also find home weather stations or sensors that detect heat, light, motion, humidity and vibration at the same time.

  • Motion sensors
    Motion sensors

    We value life and health above all, so we protect them by all available means. However, when an uninvited guest finds himself in our home, he does not always want to hurt us; he is often more interested in the value of our property. Thanks to the motion sensors, we are immediately alerted to unwanted movement in the interior or exterior and we are able to intervene in time, either by calling for help or by taking other measures (locking doors, windows, etc.) by a simple command to the control unit. However, we can also use them to monitor the behavior of members of our household. Notice that the child has entered the restricted zone.

  • Door and Window Sensors
    Door and Window Sensors

    Z-Wave door and window sensors can be placed on doors and windows in order to wiresly transfer the status of the window or the door on the Z-wave smart home controller and giving you an overview at all times. The status (open / close) get passed on to the Z-Wave gateway.  For example, they can alert you when you leave open windows when you leave your house.

  • Temperature sensors
    Temperature sensors

    Modern technology makes life easier in many ways. It is great to have an overview of the condition of our home and the temperature conditions indoors or outdoors. We can monitor the temperature directly through our smartphone, computer or tablet and adjust the information to the behavior of our other appliances. Just send a signal to the control unit, which already takes care of everything. The temperature sensor allows us to remotely check the air temperature and regulate it using intelligent technologies. It is a smart and comfortable solution for anyone who wants to walk with the times.

  • Humidity sensors
    Humidity sensors

    Sensors are priceless helpers and are used not only in households, but also in companies where monitoring of certain quantities is a necessity. Humidity sensors monitor the state of humidity in the air and alert us to unfavorable values, which allows us to influence them, eg. remotely via smartphone and smart devices. An overview of humidity values ​​will be appreciated especially by companies that store different types of materials or goods. Humidity sensors work precisely, easy to install and set up. Combined with temperature sensors, they allow us to better regulate room heating.

  • Flood sensors
    Flood sensors

    We can better track the security of family or business assets thanks to the intelligent equipment installed in our homes or workplaces. Whenever we are not physically present, the sensors send us messages to the phone, tablet or computer and inform us of the current state or sometimes unusual circumstances. Flood sensors emit warning signals when they detect a flood. This can occur e.g. even if one of our appliances that uses water supply fails. With flood sensors we can be sure that everything is okay, or thanks to them we can remedy the situation.

  • Smoke sensors
    Smoke sensors

    Z-wave fire sensors inform your Z-Wave control unit about the amount of toxic gases. When a certain threshold is reached, an alarm is triggered and a possible danger report is sent to your smartphone or tablet.

  • CO sensors
    CO sensors

    Intelligent devices take care of our utmost comfort and safety. Among the sensors, sensors monitoring the status of CO in the atmosphere also play an important role. Since long-term inhalation of harmful gases can damage our health and cause an explosion, it is advisable to provide households and businesses with sensors capable of detecting an emergency and triggering an alarm or sending a warning to our phone, tablet or computer. Based on this, we can respond in time and prevent disasters. If we own smart devices, the critical state can be remedied remotely with a single click.

  • CO2 sensors
    CO2 sensors

    Z-wave CO2 sensors, like the CO sensors, inform your control unit about the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. This allows them to respond in a timely manner to situations where the CO2 level is too high and can therefore endanger the health of you and your family.

  • Light sensors
    Light sensors

    Z-wave light sensors are sensors that provide the control unit with information about the light intensity in a given space. Based on the lighting information, the control unit may order, for example, the blinds or the garden lights to be triggered.

  • UV sensors
    UV sensors

    Z-wave UV sensors are sensors that provide information about UV to the central unit.

  • Weather stations
    Weather stations

    We don't always take time to watch the weather forecasts, but if we want to know the current air temperature and the probability of precipitation, intelligent weather stations relieve us of the obligation to watch the news. Adapt the weather station data to the temperature in your home, business or outdoor pool, order the windows to behave, set up irrigation. If the weather station judges it will rain, the irrigation system may not start unnecessarily and you will save again. Smart weather stations will tell you how to wear your clothes every day, whether you need an umbrella, how strong the wind is blowing, how much humidity it is, and so on.

  • Rain sensors
    Rain sensors

    Z-wave rain sensors are Z-Wave sensors that provide the control unit with information about the amount of rainfall, rain force, etc. Set your exterior blinds to retract whenever it starts to rain and protect your windows from rain water, or use the information from the rain sensor in the irrigation system.

  • Universal sensors
    Universal sensors

    Z-Wave sensors are versatile devices with which you can integrate the existing sensors into Z-Wave system. Also recommend these versatile sensors will enable to create an entirely new Z-Wave devices.

  • Gas sensors
    Gas sensors

    Z-Wave gas sensor are Z-Wave sensors that provide the controller with information on the amount of gas measured.

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