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IoT - Internet of Things
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Z-Wave Controllers 

Z-Wave Controllers are building blocks of your smart home automation. IP Gateways, Remote Controls and PC Adapters can control other Z-Wave devices and connect them together creating smart system for home automation. Z-Wave Controllers enable remote access to your home or office so you can control and monitor it from anywhere in the world.

  • Control Centres
    Control Centres

    Z-Wave wireless control centres are the heart and centre of a Z-Wave network which are running a home automation software for intuitive and simple control of your smart home. Wireless control centres are permanently online with minimum power consumption for operations. They are controlled either by local push buttons or typically using a web browser via Ethernet. The web interface also enables a remote access from a smartphone such as an iPhone, Android or Windows Phone.

  • PC Adapters
    PC Adapters

    A Z-Wave PC adapter enables home automation software running on a PC to interact with a Z-Wave network. PC-adapters either use the Universal System Bus (USB) or the RS 232 serial port. Depending on the software used the PC adapters usually act as static controller however there are USB adapter with built-in battery. They act as portable inclusion controller then. Via the PC-adapter PC software for home automation can control Z-Wave devices such as switches, dimmers or sensors and they can perform a broad range of functions such as time triggered events, scene selection and switching and much more.

  • Remote Controls
    Remote Controls

    Remote controls are used as a convenient and easy way to configure and control Z-Wave networks. Remotes are either designed for Z-Wave or they act as universal remote controls so that other devices such as audio or video players and receivers can be controlled via IR. Z-Wave remote controls often serve also as a portable secondary Z-Wave controller to include new Z-Wave devices into the network.

  • Wall Controllers
    Wall Controllers

    Wall Controllers control other Z-Wave devices such as switches, dimmers, shutters, relays etc. As they are battery powered and with other devices communicate wirelessly via Z-Wave protocol, Wall Controllers are easy to install and does not require any construction impacts, wall controls are easily mounted on any available space on a wall or other suitable surface.

  • Accessories

    Accessories for IP Controllers or other Z-Wave devices.

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