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The Shelly brand brings to our market a number of products that can create our dream smart home even without a control unit, only with a WiFi connection. And because they're compatible with Google Home or Amazon Echo, they can be expanded or added in the future with a number of other products. All you have to do is connect via the Homey control unit and turn your ordinary home into an intelligent one. The wide range of functions and multifunctionality of the Shelly device allows them to be controlled even without the use of a smartphone, only with the help of a voice assistant. Unlike other products, they have all control functions without connection to a control unit, which allows them to fully automate all aspects of a smart home at a lower cost. From appliances, through lighting or safety, Shelly products can provide their users with the true comfort and convenience expected of a smart home.

Shelly is a Bulgarian manufacturer of WiFi smart devices that are compatible with various intelligent systems such as. Homey, HomeAssistant, OpenHab2, etc. Support REST API and MQTT. They do not need a control unit for their operation. The Shelly brand brings a number of devices to the market, thanks to which you can build a comprehensive home automation system.

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Showing 1 - 40 of 73 items

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