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You will be able to praise Amazon's smart products either. Currently, these are mainly intelligent speakers that not only play your favorite music, but also become a means of voice control of the home. You can use Amazon Alexa voice assistants with Fibaro and Homey intelligent systems. You can easily get used to having someone read the morning news, weather information or make a coffe for you coffee while you decide to open your eyes in the morning. Amazon Alexa products will enchant you with their unobtrusive design, thanks to which they will easily fit into any household.

What would you say to have your smart home listen to you? With Amazon's intelligent speakers, that's a reality, just add it to your home automation system and you can now speak your commands directly to Alex (voice assistant). Alexa vacuum the apartment! Alexa play music! Alexa make me my coffee! Enjoy your smart living and let the house take care of itself .. Just tell it.

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items

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