What better way than to return to a nice heated home or apartment after a job, plus that without having to heat all day and spend a lot of money on energy? Through the Internet, you can control the radiators individually and even remotely control the heat and energy consumption. It does not matter whether you are scrubbing the floor or radiators, with a smart thermostat of attractive appearance, you can program the temperature on every day of the week, but you also heat water in the boiler or direct an electric or gas boiler. The thermostatic heads on radiators can be controlled manually, but also via an Internet connection and a control unit. You can also choose from a wide range of accessories.

  • Thermostats

    In your home or office, you won't be able to praise smart thermostats that can be controlled remotely through Z-Wave technology. Intelligent thermostats work with both boiler and underfloor heating systems. Set the required temperatures for each day of the week or for specific times of the day. Thermostats can operate autonomously or can be controlled manually or remotely via a smartphone or tablet. You will appreciate their activity especially in annual billing because they can save energy by checking the room temperature and setting the required modes.

  • Boiler Control
    Boiler Control

    Do you heat with an electric or gas boiler? Then you know very well how much such heating costs today. However, you can be the master of your consumption and control it wirelessly using a central thermostat. Just get a control unit working with Z-Wave technology, and controlling your electric or gas boiler will be easier than ever. Set up a smart home to make your life incomparably easier. Thanks to the online store you can live wisely, but the final decision is up to you.

  • Underfloor heating
    Underfloor heating

    Underfloor heating can be controlled wirelessly with the help of a thermostat and a switching relay. You can easily control the temperature in your home by integrating underfloor heating into the Z-Wave system. It is not a problem to make your home pleasantly warm on cold days and vice versa, to mute or switch off underfloor heating on hot days. In other words, at home you can intelligently dictate the temperature that suits you best. Intelligently designed Z-Wave-based home saves time and energy you can invest in other activities. Get rid of unnecessary worries and simplify the control of your appliances with intelligent elements in your home.

  • Radiator Valves
    Radiator Valves

    Replace the old and not very accurate thermostatic heads on the radiators in your apartment or office with newer and more modern devices that will help you save money. You control them manually via buttons or remotely with your smartphone. Intelligent thermostatic heads are able to measure and control the temperature in the interior and are also characterized by modern design. For even more efficient heating, you can set the temperature programs for a whole week on the radiator heads. It is advantageous to use an external temperature sensor with the heads, which can be easily paired with them.

  • Accessories

    Looking for thermostat accessories? No problem, you will find everything you are looking for. You can find the adapters, adapters and additional equipment you need for the flawless operation of your thermostats under one roof. Choose products to help you run your smart home without problems. Control devices wirelessly, saving time and energy. There is no sensible solution that will change your life for the better. One of them is definitely the automation of the household as much as possible. Find out about the possibilities and choose from a variety of smart devices and technologies offered by, the official FIBARO dealer.

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