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What better way than to return to a nice heated home or apartment after a job, plus that without having to heat all day and spend a lot of money on energy? Through the Internet, you can control the radiators individually and even remotely control the heat and energy consumption. It does not matter whether you are scrubbing the floor or radiators, with a smart thermostat of attractive appearance, you can program the temperature on every day of the week, but you also heat water in the boiler or direct an electric or gas boiler. The thermostatic heads on radiators can be controlled manually, but also via an Internet connection and a control unit. You can also choose from a wide range of accessories.

  • Thermostats

    Z-Wave wireless thermostats for temperature control in your smart home.

  • Boiler Control
    Boiler Control

    Control boiler system via Z-Wave wireless, boiler type can be either electric or gas. Control is mostly realized via the central thermostat and relay to control the boiler.

  • Underfloor heating
    Underfloor heating

    One of the most easily achievable heating system integrated into the Z-Wave. To control this type of heating just use thermostat and relay switch at any desired room in which you want to regulate temperature. We offer devices that contain switching relays and controllable thermostat in one.

  • Radiator Valves
    Radiator Valves

    Temperature control by thermostats, the most common type of heating in apartments. Thermostatic heads are installed directly on the radiator valves and can be operated manually using the buttons or wirelessly via Z-Wave controller.

  • Accessories

    Accessories to the Z-Wave thermostat. Adapters for using thermostatic heads on different types of valves.

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Showing 1 - 32 of 53 items

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