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Cooling and shading 

Whether it's summer or winter, we can enjoy our home in pleasant temperatures under any weather conditions. In the summer, we cool it mainly through AC or blindsControl the air conditioner easily and remotely through your mobile, tablet, or computer, and cool your rooms before you get home. On the same principle, your blinds and blinds can also work. Exigent manual control will become a thing of the past. Intelligent systems even ensure that in the event of heavy winds or rain the blinds will automatically lock and protect your windows from whipping of dirty rainwater.

  • Air condition
    Air condition

    We can control how well we feel in the room with our smartphone or computer remotely. When high temperatures are raging outside in summer, we enjoy moments of comfort in a pleasantly air-conditioned home or office. We can even set the air conditioning behavior in advance. Either the room will be cooled whenever the room air is heated to a certain temperature, or it will start and stop at a specific hour. However, we can switch the air conditioning unit on and off wirelessly at any time, for example in a car when leaving work. When we get home, the gates are already cooled. These are the benefits of a smart home.

  • Fan-Coil systems
    Fan-Coil systems

    Integrate Fan-Coil system into the Z-Wave system, either 2-pipe system or 4-pipe system.

  • Blind and Curtain Control
    Blind and Curtain Control

    Whether we need to sleep well at night or during the day, or want to protect ourselves from sharp sunrays during the summer heat, or simply need privacy and protect ourselves from the curious looks of people on the street, blinds and blinds are available to us. In a smart home, we can also control them wirelessly, all or individually, through a Wi-Fi connection, a control unit and our smartphone or tablet. Blinds and shutters controlled by intelligent technologies can be raised and retracted at a particular hour or weather (sharp sun, gale, storm, rain ...).

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