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Light intensity (lux)
Humidity Sensor
Temperature Measurement
Detection of CO
PIR Movement Sensor
Fire and smoke sensor
Flood Sensor
Vibration Detection
Wind Speed Measurement (Anemometer)
Rain Sensor and Rainfall Measuring
Measurement of UV rays
Binary Sensor
Compatibility with HOMEY
Compatibility with FIBARO HC3
FIBARO HC2 Compatibility
FIBARO HC LITE Compatibility
VERA PLUS Compatibility
VERA EDGE Compatibility
ZIPABOX Compatibility
RAZBERRY Compatibility

Sensors and detectors 

Sensors are “ears and eyes” of your home automation. Z-Wave Sensors transmit certain environmental values or certain behavior to a IP controller. They can also control other Z-Wave devices directly, using the association function of Z-Wave. Sensors are typically battery-powered devices and depending on the radio transceiver utilization the units have a battery lifetime between one and three years. Check out how variable the Z-Wave Home Automation can be!

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Showing 1 - 40 of 106 items

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