FIBARO Wall Plug Type E HomeKit (FGBWHWPE-102)


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  • FIBARO Wall Plug is a HomeKit-enabled smart plug using Wi-Fi connection and Bluetooth low energy
  • This remotely controlled outlet adapter is equipped with power and energy metering function
  • It uses a LED ring to visualize current consumption and status
  • The Wall Plug may be operated using the button on the casing or via an iOS mobile app
  • Wallplug is not Z-Wave device

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Detailed information can be found on the manufacturer's website. All product manuals are available at

Warning 1: This device is Apple HomeKit-enabled !

Warning 2: This device is not Z-Wave and therefore will not work under any Z-Wave controller !



The FIBARO Wall Plug is a remotely controlled plug-in switch with the built-in ability to measure power and energy consumption. FIBARO smart plug makes it possible to control electrical devices in a convenient worry-free and maintenance-free way.

homekit fibaro wallplug


The FIBARO Wall Plug has been meticulously designed, down to every little detail. Let it enchant you with its precision and the top tier quality of its hardware coupled with a sophisticated design. Breathtaking beauty and uncompromising reliability come together in the form of this device.

homekit fibaro wallplug


The FIBARO Wall Plug requires no installation tools or electrician. Just take it out of the box, put it into an electrical outlet, and plug in any electrical device. Plugs are available in E type.


The FIBARO System devices are based on Z-Wave technology, thanks to which they can work individually or in groups, communicating with one another, providing you with indefinite home automation management possibilities. According to our mission, to automate every single household and taking advantage of Apple’s technology, FIBARO created new line of devices, which are now compatible with HomeKit.


Apple HomeKit offers simple and secure technology for home management. HomeKit technology provides advanced security with end-to-end encryption and authentication between a HomeKit-enabled accessory and your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

homekit fibaro wallplug


Use your iOS device through Apple TV or iPad, which serve as a hub in the home. Speak to command. Siri also knows the status of the HomeKit-enabled products in your home.


The FIBARO app makes installation and configuration extremely simple. Users get extended setting options for FIBARO devices - unavailable in the Home app. To add a FIBARO device working with Apple HomeKit, simply scan the code and confirm the installation.


The FIBARO Wall Plug is one of the most universal smart home devices. It may serve as a switch for almost any piece of electrical hardware plugged into a socket. The mobile app allows you to manage the FIBARO Wall Plug from any place in the world. You may switch on devices and monitor their operation even when you’re hundreds of miles away from home.


The FIBARO Wall Plug is a one of a kind miniature device that allows you to control the power usage. Change in color of the flawless crystal LED ring informs you about the current load of the connected appliance. A practical feature in a pretty package.

homekit fibaro wallplug


The electric energy consumption of the devices connected to the FIBARO Wall Plug is constantly monitored. Control the electricity consumption, plan the work of your devices and save energy.


The FIBARO Wall Plug provides safety in every possible way. What’s important, it has overload protection. And thanks to special cap, it is impossible to have any accidental contact with electricity.


The FIBARO Wall Plug can recognize if the device is not working properly. It can react differently on various situation: automatically shut down the device or alert you about the faulty. This way you won’t be surprised when you come home.


Not every device has to work continuously. Setting the schedule make the device to turn on or off at the appropriate time and adjust to your day mode. By setting a precise working time, you will not only ensure the comfort, but also the safe use of many home appliances.

homekit fibaro wallplug


Limit access to electronics at your discretion! Connect the FIBARO Wall Plug to a game console or TV in the children’s room and remotely decide when your children can use the connected devices. You can permanently set the availability of the console and / or TV and remotely control their operation.


The FIBARO Wall Plug allows you to monitor the amount of electricity used by home devices. This way you can easily identify which pieces of hardware keep on bumping up your bills, e.g. utilize lower night rates. You can also program the device to help you make the most of the savings.


If you do not feel like getting up from the sofa or even reaching for your phone, you can control the devices using voice commands. This convenient feature is available within the Apple HomeKit platform, though soon it will be available with different voice interfaces.

homekit fibaro wallplug


Did you know that it’s not enough to turn off the TV’s by remote control to stop charging for electricity? Devices such as TVs and monitors use standby mode and continue to consume the electricity. Set the schedules for the FIBARO Wall Plug to turn off the device when you do not actually use it - for example at night, and in the morning the device will start working again.


The FIBARO Wall Plug has been designed to get firmware updates automatically with just one click in mobile app.

homekit fibaro wallplug

Technical Details:

  • Power supply: 230V AC, 50 Hz
  • Rated load current: 10A - continuous load
  • Power output (for resistive load): 2300W - continuous load
  • To be used with E type sockets:

- CEE 7/16 - max load 2.5A
- CEE 7/17 - max load 10A
- Type plugs E

  • EU directives compliance: RED 2014/53/EU, RoHS 2011/65/EU
  • Pollution Degree: 2 (home and office use, indoor only)
  • Radio protocol: IEEE 802.11n, Bluetooth® low energy
  • Radio frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Transmit power: 14 dBm (Wi-Fi), 8 dBm (BLE)
  • Operating temperature: 0-40°C (32-104°F)
  • Dimensions (diameter x height): 43 x 65 mm (1.7" x 2.56")
  • Safety classification rating: home and office use only
  • Type 1 action according to features of automatic action as per clause 6.4.1 of EN 60730-1:2012 standard
  • Software class A device, according to EN 60730-1:2012 standard

More informations on the website of manufacturer - here!

Data sheet
Country of originPL
HS CODE85437090
Z-Wave technologyNo
IoT - Internet of ThingsWireless communication
Apple HomeKitYes
Type of useIndoor
IP RatingIP20
SocketType E (SK,CZ,PL,FR,...)
Switching AC voltage 230VYes
Compatibility with HOMEYNo
FIBARO HC2 CompatibilityNo
FIBARO HC LITE CompatibilityNo
VERA PLUS CompatibilityNo
VERA EDGE CompatibilityNo
ZIPABOX CompatibilityNo
RAZBERRY CompatibilityNo
POPP CompatibilityNo

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FIBARO Wall Plug Type E HomeKit (FGBWHWPE-102)
  • FIBARO Wall Plug is a HomeKit-enabled smart plug using Wi-Fi connection and Bluetooth low energy
  • This remotely controlled outlet adapter is equipped with power and energy metering function
  • It uses a LED ring to visualize current consumption and status
  • The Wall Plug may be operated using the button on the casing or via an iOS mobile app
  • Wallplug is not Z-Wave device

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Martin M 08.08.2019

Spínaná zásuvka Fibaro

Jednoduché nastavení, skvělý pomocník pro řízení ohřevu TUV, malé rozměry, barevná indikace dle spotřeby.

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Short guide

First Launch

1) Make sure your iOS mobile device is connected to your preferred Wi-Fi network.

homekit fibaro wallplug

2) Plug the accessory into a socket.

homekit fibaro wallplug
3) The LED ring will be flashing yellow when ready for configuration.

homekit fibaro wallplug

4) Open the FIBARO app and tap + icon.

homekit fibaro wallplug

5) When prompted, allow the Wall Plug to connect to your Wi-Fi network.

homekit fibaro wallplug
6) When prompted, allow the Wall Plug to connect to your Wi-Fi network.

homekit fibaro wallplug
7) Follow the onscreen instructions.The application will guide you through the pairing process.

homekit fibaro wallplug

8) Connect the device you want to control into the Wall Plug.
homekit fibaro wallplug


homekit fibaro wallplug

1) Press and hold the button.

2) When the LED glows yellow, release the button.

3) Click the button again immediately to confirm.

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