Raspberry Pi 3 and Smarthome

Raspberry Pi 3 and Smarthome

Raspberry Pi 3

Since the launch of the first model microcomputer Raspberry Pi by Raspberry Foundation (02/29/2012) has passed a few years. From unknown project, it becomes well known and popular product in home automation.

Now, there is third version of Raspberry Pi on the market. The official name is Raspberry Pi 3 model B 1GB. Manufacturers increased performance with the newer generation of quad-core 64-bit processor technology ARM Cortex-A53 with tact frequency 1.2 GHz. The most prominent features of the new version, in addition to increasing the performance is the integration of technology Wi-Fi 802.11n and Bluetooth 4.1 directly on the chip, which is even more suitable for using Raspberry Pi 3 in home automation.

To supply the microcomputer manufacturer recommends to use power supply adapter with output current 2,5A to avoid problems when user need connect more USB devices with high demand of current. As in previous models, the operating system is implemented at memory card micro-SD.

Due to the size and low power consumption Raspberry Pi 3 its use is appropriate in home automation..

Using Raspberry Pi 3 in the Z-Wave network

The third generation Raspberry Pi can be used in home Z-Wave network using the module RaZberry. Module RaZberry is designed so that it can be easily inserted into the input-output pins (GPIO) on Raspberry Pi 3. Subsequent downloading and installing the Z-Way software via Linux command can Raspberry Pi 3 module RaZberry turn into a full Z-Wave controller. Z-Way software comes with its own web server, allowing you to control and monitor the interface itself RaZberry, add and remove devices etc. Module firmware RaZberry is well optimized and works very smoothly. The advantage also is that the Z-Way software comes with an API that can be further exploited.

In the pictures, you can see extension module RaZberry and its structure. SoC ZM3102 in the new version replaced ZM5102 chip, which is a Z-Wave Plus compatible and belongs to the 5th generation Z-Wave chip.



Installation and set up

Setting Up the RaZberry with Raspberry Pi 3 is simple and described in more detail in this article:

raspberry pi 3 Z-Wave


The official software from the manufacturer called Z-Way.

z-way interface

In addition to the official software from the manufacturer called Z-Way it is possible to use a third party software - examples of open source software solutions can be found below:

Each software solution has its advantages and disadvantages and it is therefore up to you to decide which solution is the right one for you. Each software solution needs different set up.

RaZberry using with another microcomputers

RaZberry module may also be used with other microcomputers, for example Cubieboard. The image below. There is need of support Linux distribution as well as greater knowledge of electronics and Linux systems.

cubieboard with Z-wave and razberry

RaZberry as USB

It is also possible to transform the universal module to the USB module.

razberry usb


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