How to use roller blinds, blinds or garage door using Z-Wave

How to use roller blinds, blinds or garage door using Z-Wave

If you decide to automatize the motor-driven roller blinds, blinds or garage doors this blog will show you what to look out for.

Probably everyone knows what these devices are used for, but to be sure we can mention the differences and functions of each device. There are several types of roller blinds, blinds and garage doors, this should be taken into account during the setting of the Z-Wave module (in the specific parameter). We will deal with the the motor-driven shielding technology regarding the possible automatization and intelligence of control elements.

Shielding types blinds:

- are the most common example of the shielding technology in our homes.

a) Venetian blinds (blinds with the possibility of winding) – outer or inner blinds where you can set the specific height at which the blinds are placed and the slats are rotated.


- a frequently used method of shielding without the possibility to rotate the slats; the blinds can be divided into two types:

a) without positioning it is not possible to set the height in which the blinds are closed/pulled up so it is only possible to set the extreme positions of the blinds
b) with positioningit is possible to set the height of the blinds

Garage doors

- also the garage doors can be divided into two types:

a) without positioningit is only possible to control the opening and closing of the garage
b) with positioning possibility to set the height of the blinds


Note: All the shielding types can be controlled using the Z-Wave module called Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 (it also measures the consumption of the motors) that controls various types of motors with a 220-240 V AC power supply and at the same time it has the best support and compatibility with different manufacturers of the Z-Wave control units.


Another important thing is the brand and type of the used motor and the necessary power supply for the given motor. According to the supply voltage we can divide the motors as follows:

We usually meet customers who have installed motors from the French Somfy company supplied directly from the mains with 220-240V AC voltage.

Manual control

During the electric installation of the selected Z-Wave module, if you have decided or the dual control of the roller blinds/blinds, you will deal with the connection of a traditional wall switch for the manual control of the roller blinds or blinds. Each module designed for the control of the blinds contains the following terminals:

Supply terminals

  • N - neutral conductor
  • L - phase conductor

Terminals for control conductors

  • O1 – controls the upward movement
  • O2 – controls the downward movement

Terminals for the connection of a traditional switch

  • S1 – switch button that controls the upward movement
  • S2 – switch button that controls the downward movement
fibaro roller shutter 2


When choosing a wall switch it is necessary to know which type of the switch you have chosen:

  • Toggle switch – with two positions, the most common type
  • Momentary switch – with one position, after pushing it returns to the original position

Note: According to the type of the switch it is necessary to set the parameter for the correct type of the switch.

Wireless remote control

You can easily set the module, it means the position, rotation of the blinds or garage doors using a personal computer, smatr mobile phone or tablet that are connected to the internet.

If a traditional switch is used, the blinds can be controlled in two ways. The control of the blind rotation is carried out using time circuits (timers) in the motor.


Fibaro Roller Shutter 2

Qubino Blind Driver Plus and Qubino Blind Driver DC Plus

fibaro qubino

Note: If you want to know the compatibility of the device, contact us on and we will test the functionality of the device with the particular control unit.


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