SHELLY HomeKit Support (Open Source)

SHELLY HomeKit Support (Open Source)

SHELLY HomeKit Support - Alternative Open-Source Firmware

You have been asking about HomeKit Support for a long time, and Mongoose OS now has support for HomeKit, there is HomeKit-enabled firmware for Shelly 1 and Shelly 1PM and Shelly 2.5 and Shelly Plug S!

More updated info at

This is still in an early stage and only supports basic features (doesn't include power-metering or roller shutter mode on Shelly 2.5), but is completely open-source and open for contributions. We invite anyone interested in using Shelly devices with HomeKit to give this a try. See the GitHub repository for instructions, feel free to ask here for help!

Apple HomeKit firmware for Shelly switches

This firmware exposes Shelly 1, Shelly 1PM, Shelly Plug S, Shelly 2 and Shelly 2.5 as Apple HomeKit accessories.

Firmware is compatible with stock and can be uploaded via OTA (see below) or flashed via serial connection.

Reverting to stock firmware is also supported (see below).

At the moment only switch functionality is supported - no scheduling, power measurement, etc.

Updating from stock firmware

Watch a 2 minute video.

Where A.B.C.D stands for IP address of Shelly device.

See here for detailed instructions.


Before device can be added to a Home, setup code needs to be configured (via web interface). Pick any code.

  • Some obvious combinations like 111-11-111 are explicitly disallowed by Apple and will not be accepted.
  • Note that code is not stored on the device in plain text and it is not possible what the current setting is.

Provision WiFi station (if not yet).

You should see Shelly1 switch accessory in the list of available accessories and be able to add it with the setup code you entered earlier.



Device can be recovered from invalid wifi configuration with one of two methods:

  • On Shelly 2.5 press and hold the button for 10 seconds.
  • On both models within first 60 seconds of boot, toggle input switch 10 times in succession.

Both of these methods will make device go int AP mode where they can be reconfigured.

If the device does not appear in the list of accessories when adding, try resetting the HomeKit status from the web interface.

Reverting to stock firmware

It is possible to revert back to stock firmware.

Stock firmware for can be downloaded from the offical site:

Download it and upload via web interface (this firmware does not support pulling from a remote URL).


More info at -

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  • Jukka Juvankoski

    Jukka Juvankoski 12/27/2020 Reply

    When Shelly 1L support this Apple Homekit Firmware?
    • SmarterHOME Team

      SmarterHOME Team 12/29/2020 Reply

      thank you for your comment.
      Regarding this, you should contact Shelly support for proper response -
      Thank you for understanding.
      Have a nice day.
  • Jonas

    Jonas 05/9/2020 Reply

    Thanks for the firmware and the clear instructions. This works very well. I am using a Shelly 1PM in conjunction with a temperature meter. Unfortunately this does not seem to be recognised by HomeKit, but from the Github instructions I understand that this is the expected behaviour. Would be a great addition for a future project to integrate temperature. Thanks again!
    • SmarterHOME Team

      SmarterHOME Team 05/11/2020 Reply

      Hello Jonas,
      thank for your contacting us.

      Yes, Working Shelly 1PM with temperature sensor would be great addition to HomeKit.

      Have a nice day.
      SmarterHOME Team
  • László Tóth

    László Tóth 05/6/2020 Reply

    Dear All,

    I'm using Shelly 2.5 fro roller shutter operation. I understand that it's unfortunately not yet supported in the custom HomeKit firmware. Anyway I'd like to know what will happen if I update the stock firmware.
    Do you have an estimation when will this functionality be added?
    I'm a volunteer for testing if it helps in the development. :)

    • SmarterHOME Team

      SmarterHOME Team 05/11/2020 Reply

      Hello Laszlo,

      We are not developers of this custom firmware - you should conctact developer at GitHub for beta testing.

      Have a nice day.
      SmarterHOME Team

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