Shelly devices "Pending connection" issue (FIX)

Shelly devices "Pending connection" issue (FIX)

In the period before and after Christmas 2022, we received information from customers and users of Shelly devices that after connecting the Shelly device to the application, they are receiving following messages from app "Pending Connection" or "Waiting to connect".

 Shelly pending connection

What does such a message mean, and why is it displayed when the device has been correctly added? This message started appearing recently and is related to the preparation of transition of Shelly mobile and web application to a new version. All Shelly devices come with a certain firmware version, some may have older firmware and therefore even if the device connects to the application, it can no longer connect to the Shelly Cloud servers.

But how to remove this message? How to update the firmware to fix this problem? The solution is essentially simple, but it is not immediately visible. So what needs to be done?

  1. Connect the Shelly device to the WiFi/LAN network and to the Internet at the same time. This is possible in two ways.
    1. Either by adding the device to the Shelly Cloud application.
    2. By connecting to the WiFi access point Shelly device e.g. via a laptop and entering the IP address into the browser and entering the name and password of the WiFi network to which the Shelly device should be connected.
  2. Find Shelly device IP address. Either the Advanced IP Scanner application can be used or you can find out using the interface of your home router.
  3. Enter the IP address as a URL address in the browser and start the firmware update.
    Shelly pending connection
  4. Wait for Shelly device firmware update to complete.
  5. Enable Cloud in the Shelly module settings.
    Shelly pending connection
  6. The problem should be eliminated.
    Shelly pending connection

Other messages or warnings when adding Shelly devices to a Shelly application:

  • Something went wrong! When saving the device name, icon and room. -> Also try updating the firmware as above.
  • The device is already registered to another user! -> This message sometimes occurs even with new devices and is caused by a manufacturing problem. Resp. if you bought a previously used Shelly device, the previous user did not delete it from the application and used it on the Cloud. In this case, you need to contact Shelly support and write them the MAC address (serial number) of the Shelly device. You can find out the MAC address either in the Router or via the Advanced IP Scanner. You can contact Shelly here -
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