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Fibaro universal wireless relay to control low-voltage LED lights. Multifunctional applications in smart home, building and office control solutions

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Fibaro Z-Wave RGBW controller is a unique multifunctional device that controls low-voltage LED/RGB/RGBW lights and halogen lamps (12/24V), with dimming functionality and power metering for LED lights, and allows to connect up to 4 analogue sensors.

Naturally, the controller allows local control through conventional wall switches, as well as remote control over the Internet from any tablet or mobile phone.

LED light and LED strip control

The Fibaro RGBW controller lets you control your LED lights to produce a variety of colours depending on your mood, or input from analogue sensors, such as temperature, humidity or atmospheric pressure sensors.

The module can control up to 4 independent LED strips or lights, so adjusting the lighting in your home or office to your desired colour composition.

Fibaro RGBW Controller - LED

LED dimming

The Fibaro RGBW controller can dim up to 4 independent low-voltage 12/24V LED lights without needing to modify the attached power supplies.

Fibaro RGBW Controller - dimming

Connecting analogue sensors

Up to 4 analogue sensors can be connected to this universal Z-Wave module to control LED/RGB/RGBW lighting based on the input from these sensors. It can also read values from sensors such as temperature, humidity, illuminance (LUX), wind speed, precipitation level and similar.

Fibaro RGBW Controller - sensors

Power metering

Another useful feature is the measurement of power consumption of LED lights and LED strips. The Fibaro RGBW controller allows you to independently measure the power consumption of up to four connected LED light strips.

Fibaro RGBW Controller - metering


Technical specifications:

  • Input voltage: 12V DC or 24V DC
  • Output current: combined 12A (combined for all outputs) or 6A for a single channel
  • PWM output frequency: 244Hz
  • Power consumption: 0.3W
  • Radio signal power: 1mW
  • Installation switch box dimensions >=50mm
  • Maximum load: at 12V DC - 144W combined, at 24V DC - 288W combined
  • EU standards: EMC 2004/108 EC, R&TTE 199/5/WE
  • Wireless frequency: Z-Wave 868.42Mhz EU
  • Wireless signal range: up to 50 meters outdoors, up to 30 meters indoors
  • Operating temperature: 0 to 40 degrees Celsius
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 42 mm x 37 mm x 17 mm



Data sheet
Z-Wave technologyZ-Wave (Gen 3) 868.42 MHz
IoT - Internet of ThingsWireless communication
Lighting ControlControl RGB LED lights and strips
Energy MeteringPower Metering
Power SupplyCable Power
Type of useIndoor
IP RatingIP20
Switching DC voltage 12-30VYes
Dimming DC voltage 12-30VYes
Compatibility with HOMEYYes
FIBARO HC2 CompatibilityYes
FIBARO HC LITE CompatibilityYes
VERA PLUS CompatibilityYes
VERA EDGE CompatibilityYes
ZIPABOX CompatibilityYes
RAZBERRY CompatibilityYes
POPP CompatibilityYes
PIPER CompatibilityNot Tested

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FIBARO RGBW Controller (FGRGBWM-441)

Fibaro universal wireless relay to control low-voltage LED lights. Multifunctional applications in smart home, building and office control solutions

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