Version 4.083 Beta


Beta version is designed for user testing and soon should be released as official.

Resolved issues:

- Philips Hue plugin does not allow new user configuration. Reinstall existing plugin to enable fix

- Wind speed available in weather conditions computed incorrectly - value too low

- Services Restart called from 503 error page not working

- Multiple Virtual Devices working simultaneously may cause 503 error

- Virtual Devices hang

- Scenes do not trigger when RAM usage is above 75%. Threshold moved to 90%

- Device hierarchy not displaying properly for Dimmer 2 in advanced configuration

- FIBARO Swipe imported by Gateway Connection not working properly

- Z-Wave Weather templates lacking for devices of other manufacturers

- Other minor fixes

Other improvements:

- Firmware Update - wireless update of Z-Wave devices: Motion Sensor, Dimmer and Wall Plug. Availability of update for each device is showed in Notification Center and Advanced Configuration. Run update only when devices is in close range from controller (ca. 2 m). Process can take up to 30 minutes, depending on Z-Wave traffic and devices queued for update. Details on whole procedure can be found in notification displayed before every device update.

- New, configurable scenes triggering modes available in each scene advanced configuration:

Automatic - scene gets triggered either by one of defined triggers (device state, global variable etc.) or manually, by 'Run' button

Manual - scene executes only manually by 'Run' button

Disabled - scene is inactive, does not get triggered and cannot be run manually

Visibility - scene can be hidden in all interfaces (mobile apps, web interface)

In connection to this change there are new Lua API functions:

- fibaro:setSceneRunConfig(sceneID, runConfig), where runConfig is string that takes one of these three values:




Which will set given scene respectively to Automatic, Manual and Disabled mode. Any other value will set scene triggering mode to Automatic.


- fibaro:getSceneRunConfig(sceneID) returns currently set value.


Old functions:

- fibaro:setSceneEnabled(sceneID, enabled)

- fibaro:isSceneEnabled(sceneID)

will keep backward compatibility and continue to work without change.

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