The smartest house in the Prague

The smartest house in the Prague

It all started with an innocent phone call from a customer who was almost sure he could handle the installation of the smart home himself. He just needed me as an advisory voice. After a short phone call, we finally met in person. I explained to him the unlimited possibilities of a really smart house. After half an hour of passionate debate, the customer fell in love with my smart house solution and understood that he would not be able to program the whole house.

First I was install a security device from Jablotron. This was followed by network elements for the entire three-storey house. Finally came the installation and setup of the smart home control unit from Fibaro.

The lights are one of the most visible parts of the smarthome and I let them care. They are switched based on the presence, part of the day or event. When you come home in the evening, the main light in the hall will temporarily illuminate you. It also signals a visit that rings at the gate with an intelligent bell. Along with the light, a voice assistant from Google in the kitchen announces that someone is in front of the door. If you are not at home, you can open it remotely to anyone remotely via your mobile phone. The light in the house also responds to an alarm caused by a flood sensor or burglary. At night, you can be accompanied by ambient lighting in the refrigerator or toilet. Each room lives its own light life.

After the lights were installed, heating followed. Heating is one of the categories where you can save a lot of money. The principle is simple, heat it where you need it with zone control. If you own more than one heat source, consider under which conditions it is more advantageous. Specifically for this customer, it is a combination of a gas boiler with a photovoltaic power plant. We use the remaining energy from photovoltaics for a heat source in winter or for air conditioning in summer. If there is still extra energy left, we are heating the boiler. A significant saving for heating is the automatic switching off of the heat source in the room where it is being ventilated.

Another big part of the smarthome is security. This took place on several levels. Thanks to flood or smoke sensors, the customer feels really safer. Together with the security device, he has the whole house under full control. After installing the flood sensor in the technical room, the customer called me the next day with information that the sensor had just saved him from wather leak. Immediately after the detection of the leak, the owner received a notification and the main water supply was closed. We also protect blinds and their motors from freezing or wind. Automatic notifications with information about the open gate or control of all entrances and windows before bedtime is a comfort that will allow you only a really smart home. The last component of security is the camera system, from which we transfer the image directly to Fibaro.

There is really a lot that a smart house can offer you and it is not possible to write everything to this blog post. It will also make it easier for you to take care of the garden, for example, with automatic irrigation, which is governed by the temperature of the sun during the day or the number of precipitation. As the biggest bonus comes the ability to control the device via voice control. The customer loves Siri's voice assistant, with whom he talks if he needs to open a garage, main gate or front door two blocks before he arrives to the house. The highest comfort is provided by the multiroom audio system and the smart TV in the living room, which responds to Siri's voice commands.


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