SMART Christmas gift tips

SMART Christmas gift tips

How are you doing this year with Christmas gifts? Have you already bought everything or are you still looking for inspiration? For those who have no gifts yet, we have prepared 7 great tips for a smart Christmas gift.

1. Netatmo Weather Station - Up to 80% of our time is spent inside our dwelling, yet few realize that indoor air is 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air.

Netatmo Weather Station measures CO2 levels and sends notifications when you need to ventilate in your home.

You will also receive information about the temperature, noise level and humidity level in your house. All these factors have a direct effect on our comfort and can cause headaches, stress, irritability and heavy concentration.

Netatmo Weather Station will help you do the right thing to increase the comfort of your living.


2. Danalock V3 smart lock - With Danalock V3 smart lock, you'll always be in control of your front door. You will know exactly when the children returned from school and you will never need the keys again. And in combination with the Danabridge V3, you can control your smart door from anywhere in the world. Danalock locks are also available in (Apple) HomeKit and Z-Wave versions.


Tip 2.1 Do you use your property for short term rental via Airbnb or Danalock V3, in combination with Danabridge and the smart Danapad keyboard, allows you to create both temporary and permanent PIN codes, allowing guests to unlock their doors without having to bring them keys. Just send them a temporary PIN to their SMS or e-mail and your new smart assistant will take care of the rest. And for the cleaning service, you can reserve one permanent PIN and you will always have an overview of when they came and when they left your property.


3. Homey - Do you already use any smart devices in your home? For example, Xiaomi or Philis Hue devices, maybe some other WiFi or Bluetooth solutions and want to keep all your devices under control in one application + you want to extend your smart home with other smart devices ? We have the perfect tip for you! The Homey control unit combines all your smart devices into one useful and easy-to-use smart system! Find out what it can do ...


4. Shelly H&T - Shelly H&T is the first WiFi mutisensor to control the temperature and humidity in your home. A tiny battery sensor can be placed anywhere in your home and you will always have an overview of the temperature and humidity in your house or apartment directly in your smartphone. Note. Shelly products are WiFi solutions and do not need a control unit for their operation. Simply plug them in, add them to Shelly app, and use them. By combining devices, you can create automatic scenes to your liking.


5. LaMetric Time - LaMetric Smart Clock is a unique device. It's not just a simple clock ... This design piece will make your life easier by keeping track of time, weather, emails, calendar events, tweets, followers, news, appointments and all other events needed for your home or business and shows them in real time! It works as a continuous display for the whole family by displaying alerts from smart home devices, allowing everyone to control them at the click of a button.


6. Netatmo SMART Thermostatic heads - Control your heating and save! Netatmo thermostats allow you to remotely access your radiators wherever you are. Intelligent algorithm learns your routine and adapts to the heating in your home. Are you get up at seven in the morning? At seven o'clock you will have a nice hot climate in your bedroom, but why would it be unnecessarily warm when you're at work all afternoom? Children coming home at 3:00 pm, so heads will be heated in the living room so they can do their homework there, and you have no worries. Netatmo heads also think that you need to ventilate. Thanks to the open window sensor, the head will close  when vented to avoid the heat leak.


7. FIBARO starter kit - are you considering building a comprehensive smart home system? With the FIBARO starter kit you are on the right track. The kit includes the FIBARO Home Center Lite Z-Wave control unit - the brain of the entire intelligent system, the FIBARO motion sensor that you can use in scenes to protect your home, but also in incoming and outgoing scenes, FIBARO Smoke sensor, FIBARO Flood sensor, FIBARO Door and window sensor, so you can always know whether your windows or doors are open or closed, and the intelligent socket FIBARO Wall plug for wireless control of any "simple" appliance in your home.


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