POPP Hub - Remote access and adding devices

POPP Hub - Remote access and adding devices


POPP Hub - How to set remote access?

Intelligent house control from anywhere.


Note: The devices must have a power supply and must be connected into the home network through an Ethernet cable.

  • To find out the IP address assigned to the control unit connected into the home network visit the website https://find.z-wave.me/


  • In this case the IP address is, to find out the Z-Box ID, thanks to which you can log into the remote access, add :8084 behind the found address so that the entire address is

Note: In your case the IP address of the device will be different.


  • In the general properties – General you can see the access data for the remote access. Note down the unique ID of the device (33627) somewhere, it is used as the login name, and set a password of your own.


  • In the advanced settings – Advanced and on the Remote Access tab you must check the option Activate Remote Access to be able to use this function.


  • On the IP Network Setup tab you can modify the network settings - to set the fixed IP address, switch on/off DHCP.
  • Return back to the https://find.z-wave.me/ website where you can log in using the unique ID device and the selected password.


  • Now you can log into the device itself. The basic settings for the device are the login name: admin and the password: admin.

Note: Change the login data after your first login.


  • Now you are in your control unit where you can add and set the Z-Wave devices.


How to add a device into the POPP Hub control device?


  • In the options select the option Devices.
  • Then select Z-Wave.


  • If you know the brand of the device you can select a particular brand or you can push Autodetect new Z-Wave Device.


  • In the figures you can see the process of adding = Inclusion. First push Start inclusion.


  • Then push the functional button on the device.


  • After successful adding you can name your device - push Continue.


  • Finally, you can see your devices.



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