Homey works with Aqara zigbee devices

Homey works with Aqara zigbee devices

Update 13.10.2020: Zigbee flood sensor - AQARA Water Leak Sensor (SJCGQ11LM) is now supported by Homey. Tested with Homey version 5.0.0-rc.34 and Aqara & Xiaomi ZigBee app v1.1.4.

This blog is written in 1.april 2020, do not worry I am not joking about anything wrote below. The current compatibility state could be different in future as Homey rewrite Zigbee protocol engine.


Probably you know Homey or Homey Pro smart Hub and its features. One of them is Zigbee protocol implementation among other wireless protocols available in Homey. So Homey is able to work with different devices trough Zigbee without need of any complementary Zigbee hub. Examples of such cases are Philips Hue, Ikea smart devices and also Aqara zigbee devices also know as Xiaomi Aqara. Aqara devices connected to Homey are our main topic of this blog.

Note: Homey Pro is almost 2 times powerful than Homey. You should only buy Homey Pro when you want install more than 20 Homey app, not devices.


How Aqara devices connect to Homey? Any tips or help?

If you have already connect any smart devices to Homey or Homey Pro, then you know, that first thing you should do is install proper Homey App for device. In this particular case you should install Aqara & Xiaomi ZigBee. How to do it is mentioned here - link.

After Aqara & Xiaomi ZigBee Homey app installation, you should choose device (which you would like to connect to Homey) from list of supported devices specified in mentioned Homey app. As a rule, one Homey app is supporting devices from one manufacturer (but there could be exceptions).

After choosing correct device, you would see guide what should you press on specific device and for how long. For Aqara devices, this process is like: 5 or more seconds hold button on device until LED diode will blink 3 times (sometimes only 2 blinks are visible, or maybe I have bad eyes), then inclusion process should be begun. With main powered devices like LED buld or Smart Plug you should not have any issue, but battery powered devices could be more tricky to include in Homey. My best practise with battery powered device is keeping them close to Homey (30 cm away) and once a while (every 1-2 seconds) press (once or two, three times) button on Aqara device to prevent it from sleeping mode.

Aqara devices in Homey App

How Aqara devices look like in Homey mobile app?

At picture left (if you read this blog at PC) or above (if you read this blog at mobile), you should see all supported Aqara devices in Homey and even Aqara Water Leak Sensor (in Homey app - Unknown Zigbee device) which is currently not supported by Aqara & Xiaomi ZigBee Homey app.

What Aqara devices are supporting in Homey?

These Aqara Zigbee devices are not currently supported by Homey:

Aqara devices in Homey mobile app - video

Aqara devices Homey mobile app screenshots

Let's go in sequence:


Zigbee scene controller, use following movement to run scene:

  • Shake, Rotate,
  • Flip 90°, Flip 180°
  • Push on table, Tap twice at table

Aqara Cube in Homey App

AQARA Window & Door Sensor (MCCGQ11LM)

Zigbee door and window sensor has 2 pieces.

  • One piece is sensor, one piece is magnet
  • When these pieces are far from each other, alarm is on
  • You can invert logic mentioned above

Aqara Cube in Homey AppAqara Cube in Homey App


AQARA LED light bulb tunable white (ZNLDP12LM)

Zigbee LED bulb

  • Cold and warm temperatures of white
  • Adjustable intensity, E27

Aqara LED light bulb in Homey App

AQARA Motion Sensor (RTCGQ11LM)

Zigbee mini motion sensor

  • Detect motion - the blind time between two movements detected is min 60 second
  • Measures also indoor luminance in LUX

Aqara Motion Sensor in Homey AppAqara Motion Sensor in Homey App


AQARA Smart Plug EU (ZNCZ12LM)

Zigbee smart plug

  • Remote on/off control
  • Energy consumption measurement
  • Schuko type (Type F - German, Austria, ...)

Aqara Smart Plug in Homey App

AQARA Temperature & Humidity Sensor (WSDCGQ11LM)

Zigbee temperature and humidity and atmospheric pressure sensor, measures:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Atmospheric pressure

Aqara Temperature and Humidity in Homey App


AQARA Vibration Sensor (DJT11LM)

Zigbee vibration sensor, detects:

  • Tilt angle, vibration, dropping
  • Glass break detection

Aqara Vibration Sensor in Homey App

AQARA Wireless Switch Mini (WXKG11LM)

Zigbee scene controller, you can use following actions to launch/run some scenes:

  • 1x click, 2x click
  • long press

Aqara Mini Switch in Homey App


AQARA Wireless remote switch Single Rocker (WXKG03LM)

Zigbee scene controller, you can use following actions to launch/run some scenes:

  • 1x click, 2x click
  • long press

Aqara Remote WallSwitch 1 Button in Homey App

AQARA Wireless remote switch Double Rocker (WXKG02LM)

Zigbee scene controller, you can use following actions to launch/run some scenes:

  • 1x click, 2x click, long press on each button or both buttons at same time

Aqara Remote WallSwitch 2 Buttons in Homey App


Zigbee flood sensor - AQARA Water Leak Sensor (SJCGQ11LM)

You can also include Aqara Water Leak Sensor to Homey
as generic Zigbee device, but in case water leakage or
flooding, it will not report any alarm to Homey.

Aqara Water Leak Sensor in Homey App


PS: You can use Aqara Water Leak Sensor and all others devices with AQARA Hub EU Version (ZHWG11LM), but then there is no way (yet) to connect it to Homey trough some Cloud / LAN / API connection.

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