Shelly 1 as door lock controller

Shelly 1 as door lock controller

This guide is for all people of good will. Just kidding, this guide is about using WiFi module Shelly 1 as door lock controller.

In term of door lock I mean electrical door lock something like you can see at cover blog picture. Electrical door locks traditionally comes in two versions with different power supply. Very common door locks are with 12V DC or AC power supply, second case are 24V DC power supply.

This guide cover using Shelly 1 for controlling 12V DC and 24V DC door locks. You can also control 12V AC door locks with Shelly 1, but Shelly 1 module do not support power supply itself by 12 V AC, so in such case you would need extra wires to power Shelly 1 module and also different operational voltage.

1. wiring - better safe than sorry

So let start, wiring diagram is shown below. I think it is pretty straightforward. Watch out for position of jumper, which determine if Shelly 1 could be power by 12V DC or 24V-60V DC.


Warning!!!: Wiring should be done at best by a certified electrician (even if it is a DC power supply and a lower operating voltage), a person who understands the diagram. You are responsible for making the connection and reproducing the article. We are not responsible for any damage to equipment, property or personal injury caused by incorrect connection.


Wiring diagram

  • N = "+" plus power line of 12 / 24V DC
  • L = "-" minus power line of 12 / 24V DC
  • SW = to this terminal, you can connect traditional wall switch if you want open door lock by pressing wall switch, but it is not mandatory. One side of wall switch is connecting to "-" minus power line of 12 / 24V DC, another one to SW terminal of Shelly 1
  • I = input terminal of Shelly 1 for connecting "-" minus power line of 12 / 24V DC
  • O = output terminal of Shelly 1 for connecting of door lock 

shelly 1 doorlock controller

Please check wiring and position of jumper more than once. The most important thing is to comply with the correct polarity of the connection.

2. connecting Shelly 1 to your local WiFi network - almighty wifi

This guide is not mentioning how to connect Shelly 1 to your local WiFi, as it assume that you already know how to do this. But in case you do not know how to connect Shelly 1 to your WiFi just watch this video - link. Also you can check videos at the end of this blog.

3. automatic secure door lock after x seconds - wow it works automatically

After connecting Shelly 1 to your WiFi, please ensure that you set up automatic turning off of output (O, that controll doorlock) after x seconds. X should be replaced with number of seconds, that indicate how long you wish to have unsecure door lock. For example when you press ON the doorlock is unlock and after 3 seconds is lock again.

For setting up this feature, you can use feature Timer in Shelly app. The quote from Shelly 1 manual: "Тo manage the power supply automatically, you may use: Auto OFF: After turning on, the power supply will automatically shutdown after a predefined time (in seconds). A value of 0 will cancel the automatic shutdown."

4. testing, testing, using - it does not works, why? it works, why? try and see

If everything is set, you could switch on Shelly 1 output from Shelly app or trough the wallswitch (if it is connected) and you should hear relay click inside Shelly 1 and also latch of door lock should be ease to push inside. After 3 seconds (or more depends how many seconds you set up) you should again hear relay click inside Shelly 1 and door lock should be still and unable to push latch inside. How it all works when wiring and connection is complete - video below.

shelly 1 doorlock opener


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