Shelly 1 - relay switch 1x 16A (WiFi)

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Shelly 1 is the smallest, smartest & the most powerful Wi-Fi switch for your automation solution.

  • Wi-Fi Connected
  • Up To 3500W
  • Mobile App Control
  • REST API to connect Shelly1OS with your existing home automation system
  • Wide range of AC and DC power supply: 110-240V +%10 50/60Hz AC, 12V DC, 24-48V DC

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Brand: Shelly

Tags: Shelly Cloud, WiFi, MQTT

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Note 1:

Shelly 1 do not have a power measurement function.

Note 2:

Shelly 1 only works with neutral line.

Note 3:

Shelly 1 has dry / voltage-free / pontential-free contacts.

Note 1:

The device only works on 2.4 GHz WiFi b/g/n.

Note 2:

The device does not work only on 5 GHz WiFi ac.

Note 3:

The device supports REST API control and MQTT protocol.


The WiFi Relay Switch Shelly 1 may control 1 electrical circuit up to 3.5 kW. It is intended to be mounted into a standardin-wall console, behind power sockets and light switches or other places with limited space. Shelly may work as a standalone device or as an accessory to another home automation controller.

Shelly is a family of innovative Devices, which allow remote control of electric appliances through mobile phone, PC or home automation system. Shelly uses WiFi to connect to the devices controlling it. They can be in the same WiFi network or they can use remote access (through the Internet). Shelly may work standalone, without being managed by a home automation controller, in the local WiFi network, as well as through a cloud service, from everywhere the User has Internet access.

Shelly has an integrated web server, through which the User may adjust, control and monitor the Device. Shelly has two WiFi modes - access Point (AP) and Client mode (CM). To operate in Client Mode, a WiFi router must be located within the range of the Device. Shelly devices can communicate directly with other WiFi devices through HTTP protocol.

An API can be provided by the Manufacturer. Shelly devices may be available for monitor and control even if the User is outside the range of the local WiFi network, as long as the WiFi router is connected to the Internet. The cloud function could be used, which is activated through the web server of the Device or through the settings in the Shelly Cloud mobile application.

The User can register and access Shelly Cloud, using either Android or iOS mobile applications, or any internet browser and the web site:

Shelly 1 OS is suitable for everyone

  • Use the power of Mongoose OS to make your own application.
  • Make your Arduino project live and usable in your automation project.
  • Share your experience with developers over the world.
  • Use our REST API to connect Shelly1OS with your existing home automation system.
  • Shelly 1 OS support wide range of AC and DC power supply: 110-265V, 50/60Hz AC, 12V DC, 24 – 48V DC.
  • Complies with the following EU standards: R&TTE 1999/5/WE, LVD 2006/95/WE, EMC 2004/108/WE, RoHS2 2011/65/UE, RE Directive 2014/53/EU.

Mobile App Control - Turn devices on/off directly from your smartphone or tablet.

Wi-Fi Connected - Just connect Shelly to your Wi-Fi network and begin the ultimate experience of controlling your home with your phone.

Home assistant compatible - Control your appliance with your voice. The Shelly 1 OS are Google home and Amazon Echo Compatible.

Weekly Scheduling - Create custom daily schedules for your devices.

Following the Sunlight - Shelly can automatically turn on/off based on the sunrise and sunset hours.

Up To 3500W - With Shelly Plug you can control wide range of devices and appliances.

Shelly 1 pin-out

Shelly1 comes with a programming/debug header which can be used to flash alternative firmware on the device. It has an ESP8266 inside, with a 2MB flash chip. A USB-to-UART adapter is needed as well as a reliable 3.3V with at least 350 mA drive capability. The following diagram shows the device pinout and power source voltage selection jumper:

Shelly 1 pinout

Compatible withShelly 1 integrations

Shelly for developers

Open to the world - We make Shelly devices open to the world and the developers. Shellys are secured but at the same time give everyone the opportunity to use them easily in new and existing projects.

REST API - With the embedded web server and the common HTTP commands Shelly can be made compatible with Vera, Fibaro, SmartThings, HomeSeer, Savant, HomeKit, etc. Visit our REST API for developers, to create your own cloud solution.

Support - Shelly has HTTP/UDP support. Visit Shelly forum for more details.

Shelly 1 fits everywhere

Shelly 1 size

Small - Shelly 1 OS dimensions are 41 x 36 x 17 mm. You can install Shelly 1 into the wall under the power socket or a standard light switch.

Practical - Shelly 1 can be installed on a DIN into your electricity box, right next to the breakers.

The most intelligent device you can have

  • Shelly 1 has an integrated WEB interface with an easy On/Off, device management and secure OTA update.
  • You can set Weekly Schedules for On/Off without the need of any additional equipment.
  • Shelly 1 knows your location and allows control over your lightsbased on the Sunrise and Sunset all year
  • Shelly 1 gives you high security and provides device access control

Shelly Cloud - One App - Unlimited Functionality

Shelly 1 app


  • Power supply: 110-240V ±10% 50/60Hz AC / 24-60V DC / 12V DC
  • Max load: 16A/240V
  • Complies with EU standards: RE Directive 2014/53/EU, LVD 2014/35/EU, EMC 2004/108/WE, RoHS2 2011/65/UE
  • Working temperature: – 40°C up to 40°C
  • Radio signal power: 1mW
  • Radio protocol: WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Frequency: 2400 – 2500 MHz
  • Operational range (depending on local construction): up to 50 m outdoors, up to 30 m indoors
  • Dimensions (HxWxL): 41 x 36 x 17 mm
  • Electrical consumption: < 1 W
Data sheet
Country of originBG
HS CODE85437090
Z-Wave technologyNo
IoT - Internet of ThingsWireless communication
WiFi2.4 GHz
Lighting ControlSwitching lights
Neutral wireRequired
Power SupplyCable Power
Type of electrical interconnectionDry Contact
Type of useIndoor
IP RatingIP20
Control of electrical circuits1 Circuit
Switching AC voltage 230VYes
Switching DC voltage 12-30VYes
Compatibility with HOMEYYes
FIBARO HC2 Compatibility
FIBARO HC LITE Compatibility
VERA PLUS Compatibility
VERA EDGE Compatibility
ZIPABOX CompatibilityNot Tested
RAZBERRY CompatibilityNot Tested
POPP CompatibilityNot Tested
PIPER CompatibilityNo
Compatibility with O2 Smart BoxNot tested

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Shelly 1 - relay switch 1x 16A (WiFi)

Shelly 1 is the smallest, smartest & the most powerful Wi-Fi switch for your automation solution.

  • Wi-Fi Connected
  • Up To 3500W
  • Mobile App Control
  • REST API to connect Shelly1OS with your existing home automation system
  • Wide range of AC and DC power supply: 110-240V +%10 50/60Hz AC, 12V DC, 24-48V DC

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