Z-Wave - Christmas tips

Z-Wave - Christmas tips

Christmas is certainly one of the most beautiful periods of the year. But at the present times of busy and stressful life it is difficult to tune into the Christmas mood for some people. And therefore we bring you a few tips how to make Christmas easier and more pleasant using a Z-Wave system.

Christmas lightning control

Control your Christmas lightning or Christmas tree remotely. Or prepare an exact schedule when and where to turn the lights on. Christmas lightning is a seasonal issue so you can use smart sockets to turn them on and off, and they can also measure the comsumption so you get an overview of your costs on the lightning.

There are also sockets that allow to control the intensity because they have a dimmer function.

After Christmas, you can use these smart sockets to control some other devices.

If you use the RGB LED strips to light your household, you can bright your home up with the module:

Correct temperature

The completion of a pleasant atmosphere also includes the correct temperature in your house. So automatize your heating and you will worry less and spend more time with your family. You can find more information on the automatization of heating in our articles in the blog, e.g. HERE.

Protect your Christmas gifts

Thanks to the movement sensors and Z-Wave control units you can protect your Christmas gifts and make sure your children do not open them too soon. Using a movement sensor and a control unit you can set sending a notification when movements are detected at the Christmas tree.

Do not miss the Christmas movies

For example with the Fibaro Home Center 2 control unit you can create time scenes that will warn you when your favourite Christmas movies are on. At the same time, your TV can be switched on and switched over tothe correct channel.

Listen to some Christmas music

For example with the integrated Sonos system and the Fibaro system you can listen to Christmas carols whenever you want.

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