Version 4.101 BETA


Updating from version 3.600 may take up to 30 minutes, please do not restart controller during update process.

Resolved issues:

- Problems with Logitech Harmony plugin.

- Faulty configuration of parameters of Heatit Thermostat v1.2.

- Disappearing backups.

- Global Cache stops working.

- Incorrect device counting in Dashboard bar.

- #0002195: Low Battery Level Indication on new batteries.

- #0002267: Upgrade message inconsistent.

- #0002270: products not working.

- #0003909: xml 448 - adding Meter support on endpoints.

- #0004075: Hidden slave devices of RGB become unhidden after rebooting.

New devices support:

- Popp Thermostat v1.0.

- Gerda lock v1.2.

- Russound XSource.

- Russound XZone4.

- Zipato RFID in version AU, IN and RU.

Other improvements:

- Home Center Wizard - wizard used to set basic Home Center data - user configuration, firmware upgrade, alarm configuration and localization - available only for admin user.

- For safety reasons, the admin user format was force changed to an email address format.

- For safety reasons, the default admin password was force changed.

- Choice of weather information source - the possibility to set various sources of weather in Home Center system, as a part of the update two sources were added: and Yahoo. As a source of weather information you can also use other devices, e.g. temperature sensor.

- Suggesting predefined scenes of turning on light when motion is detected in a room - simply activate a scene to enable the functionality.

- Interactive PUSH notifications for mobile applications - a new block in scenes capable of running a scene PUSH notifications.

- Extended information about the power consumption - the list of devices available from the Dashboard bar.

- Many devices such as switches and dimmers can be synchronized. They will react identically to action from both a button and the interface. Synchronization is possible from the advanced settings of one of the devices.

- Improved the display of system status.

- Change in NEST plugin authentication - NEED TO REINSTALL THE PLUGIN.

- Change in Logitech Harmony plugin authentication - NEED TO REINSTALL THE PLUGIN.

- Redesigned NEST plugin display - devices in the system correspond to physical devices.

- Simplified control of scenes from the web interface.

- Change in system notifications functionality - the list of notifications available from Dashboard bar.

- Change in information about devices with low battery - the list of devices available from the Dashboard bar.

- Extensive scenes and devices filtering - the ability to show all, hidden or only visible devices and scenes.

- Change in information about incorrect communication with a device.

- Rooms synchronization as a part of Gateway Connections functionality.

- Functionality of copying scenes.

- Functionality of energy consumption data export (CSV file).

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