Vera Edge - How to work with scenes and the Minimote controller

Vera Edge - How to work with scenes and the Minimote controller


Controlling the scenes in the VERA UI7 interface using Minimote


First add the Minimote controller into the interface. So follow the next steps:


  • Select the tab Devices -> Additional Devices -> Other Devices -> Other ZWave Devices.
  • At this point click Next, and then again Next.
  • At this point the countdown begins, on the Minimote device hold down the Learn button for 3 seconds.
  • The device should start the configuration, then you can name the device (Name) and to assign a room to it (Room).



Using the Minimote device to control the scenes


How to create a scene using the Minimote controller

You can see the usage of the Minimote controller in the following simple scene.

Click on the tab Scene -> Add Scene


First you have to select the device that should start the scene, in this case you have to push the first Minimote button. Follow the figures.


Which Scene number, in this case 1, means a short click on the upper left button.


Meaning of the other buttons:

2 – long push - upper left button

3 – short push - upper right button

4 – long push - upper right button

5 – short push - lower left button

6 – long push - lower left button

7 – short push - lower left button

8 – long push - lower right button


Now click Next Step.


In the second step you must select those devices that you want to control. Click on Select Devices -> to select the devices -> select the action the device must carry out.


In the third step you can set the mode in which the scene is running, the notifications, you can assign a room, name a scene...


Your scene is completed.


Assigning the already existing scenes to buttons


If your scenes have already been created open the settings of the Minimote device on the front page.


Below in the options select the item Select scenes for device buttons.


Assign a scene to the selected button.

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