Qubino Smart Meter

Qubino Smart Meter

The company Qubino has prepared the Qubino Smart Meter device for those people who want to have an overview of energy consumption in their flats and to have a possibility to reduce their costs and fees for electricity. This device focuses on the usage in one-phase electrical power network installations and can be used in household or industrial applications. Qubino Smart Meter is a device that can be used directly in 2-conductor networks.

Smart Meter has an integrated microprocessor which measures

  • the actual current
  • the actual voltage

And it can then find out

  • the apparent power= total power [VA] - the total output taken over time and therefore the work, from the physical point of view, is measured in respective units [VAh]
  • active power = real power [W] - the active output taken over time and therefore the work, from the physical point of view, is measured in respective units [Wh]
  • power factor = cos φ -> thanks to it we can express the real component of the electric current in the circuit and to express the real power. The power factor indicates the amount of used energy from the total supplied energy.

Main advantages

qubino smart meter


The main advantages of the device are:

  • Installation using a DIN bar, which is quite rare with the Z-Wave devices
  • Z-Wave repeater - since this device is supplied directly from the mains it can work as the so-called signal amplifier and this feature may be useful when creating a Z-Wave network
  • It can be completed by extension modules such as Qubino Contactor or Qubino Bistable Switch and therefore it is possible to switch the electric appliances
  • Certified Z-Wave Plus



The most important parameters of Qubino Smart Meter

  • Type (connection): one phase (1b)
  • Reference current (Iref): 5 A
  • Maximum current (Imax): 65 A
  • Minimum current (Imin): 0.25 A
  • Starting current: 20 mA
  • Voltage (Un): 230 V (±20 %)
  • Energy consumption at Un < 2W
  • Nominal frequency (fn): 50 and 60 Hz


 Accuracy - Active energy and power output
  • Standard EN 62053-21 Class 1
  • Standard EN 50470-3 Class B
Accuracy - Re- active energy
  • Standard EN 62053-23 Class 2



Note: The parameters of the device are described on its website.


Compatibility test for Qubino Smart Meter with the Fibaro interface for the HC2 and HCL units



In the Fibaro system the device does not have a specific template and it uses the so-called generic template (general template for devices with the given usage). The parameters that are described in the manual, e.g. parameter 42 for energy reporting in certain time intervals, can be set manually.

Qubino Smart Meter in the Fibaro interface - from left Real power, Apparent power, Apparent voltage, Actual current and Power factor. 

To sum up, we can say that the device does not have a specific template yet (but we believe that it will come with the update of the Fibaro system in the near future) but it can be fully used.






  • Michal

    Michal 15.03.2024 Reply

    Takze toto zariadenie nesluzi ako elektromer? Nema pocitadlo KWh? Je nutne zberat udaje o okamzitej spotrebe velmi casto a vypocitat priemer za hodinu?
    • Martin Sušek

      Martin Sušek 18.03.2024 Reply

      Dobrý deň,
      po pripojení do Z-Wave riadiacej jednotky vidíte aj hodnotu v kWh.
      Každopádne výroba tohto modelu je momentálne ukončená nakoľko firmu Qubino odkúpila Shelly. Možno v budúcnosti sa dočkáme nástupcu označeného ako Shelly Qubino.
      Ďakujeme za pochopenie.
      Pekný deň.
      SmarterHOME Team
  • flip

    flip 16.11.2016 Reply

    1. opravte si jednotky. VA je jednotka pre vykon (VoltAmper) to je OK, ale VAh je (VoltAmperhodina) a to sice je vykon za hodinu, ale to uz je praca inak povedane dodana energia ktora moze mat aj privlastok zdanliva. Tvrdenie "v praxi sa pouziva" vam navrhujem vypustit, a nahradit textom vykon odobraty v case je praca (VAh)
    • SmarterHOME Team

      SmarterHOME Team 08.03.2017 Reply

      Ďakujeme za pripomienky, článok bol upravený.

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