Migration from HCL / HC2 to HC3

Migration from HCL / HC2 to HC3

First time when FIBARO Home Center 3 was announced and then released, all we can think of was migration. Migration as a simple and quick way to move devices, scenes, virtual devices and all configuration from older gateways Home Center 2 or Home Center Lite to new more powerful gateway FIBARO Home Center 3.

Today 27.2.2020, the partly migration process is available. Migration process is based on FIBARO cloud service - FIBARO ID. You have to have both gateways included in one FIBARO ID account.


Warning 1:

You perform the migration voluntarily and under your own responsibility. We are not responsible for any malfunctions of transferred devices, parameters, associations, configurations, rooms, icons or FIBARO gateways.

Warning 2:

The big warning for all - The migration process cannot be undone - it is irreversible (at this moment).


What is currently possible to migrate from older gateway (HCL / HC2) to the new one (HC3)?

- Sections, rooms, icons.

- All Z-Wave devices, their configuration and icons, room assignment, associations and parameters will be transferred.

- All cameras (but not ones created using plugins).

- If you have thermostats, they will await reconfiguration.


What won’t be transferred from older gateway (HCL / HC2) to the new one (HC3)?

- Scenes will not be moved and need to be created again. There are difference in LUA syntax, so if you have LUA scenes, you have to rewrite them all.

- Virtual devices will not be moved from older gateway to new one. Use a new tool - Quick Apps - to implement them. Also if you used LUA in Virtual devices, there is slightly different LUA syntax used in Quick Apps.

- Also these things will not be transfered - Plugins, Energy consumption, Camera plugins, Schedules (watering, climate).

- The gateway from which you are moving the backup will still be available, but the devices will no longer communicate at all.

FIBARO HC3 migration process


So let's start -> Prerequisites / initial requirements:

  • FIBARO HC2 / HCL - software version 4.581 Beta
  • FIBARO HC3 - software version 5.021.38
  • Both gateways HC2 / HCL and HC3 in same FIBARO ID account.
  • In case of HCL, you have to contact FIBARO Customer Service to set correct gateway status for migration.


Migration from FIBARO HCL / HC2 to HC3.

First step is only mandatory if you have FIBARO Home Center Lite, if you have FIBARO Home Center 2 you can skip first step.

FIBARO HC3 migration process

  • Choose Source Home Center.
  • Choose Target Home Center.
  • Click Start Process.

FIBARO HC3 migration process

  • Source Home Center 2 will reset the Z-Wave chip, and all backups will be moved to Home Center 3.

FIBARO HC3 migration process

FIBARO HC3 migration process

  • Log in to Home Center 3 (you can find it via find.fibaro.com).
  • Click Finish Migration.

FIBARO HC3 migration process

  • Home Center 3 will now restore the latest backup.
  • Wake up all battery devices.


Last note:

Configuration on the source gateway (i.e. Home Center Lite or Home Center 2) will be left in read-only state. You may find it useful for future reconstruction of your scenes and automations.

FIBARO HC3 migration process

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