Version 5.021.38

Thank you for using the FIBARO Home Center 3! Our constant improvements are to better your experience. Be sure to update to the latest version to enjoy new features.

What's new:

Block Scenes
Actions on the LED ring for FIBARO Walli series devices.
Actions for Z-Wave thermostats.

Redirect to camera configuration after adding.
Setting up a custom icon.

Indicating the active mode of climate schedule.

Controlling the binarySwitch, multilevelSwitch and rollerShutter devices from the right sidebar.
Displaying the currently set temperature on the thermostat icon.
Collapsing/expanding the rooms side menu.

Z-Wave removal mode available from the list of all devices.
Displaying the battery level under the battery icon on the device list.
Default humidity range changed to 40-50%.
Unified configuration of various types of linked devices.
Support for pending and failed associations.
Support for the black box of FIBARO Heat Controller (FGT-001).
Support for FIBARO RGBW Controller 2 (FGRGBW-442).
Support for Z-Wave locks.
Support for Z-Wave thermostats.
Support for wind and rain sensors.

Downloading the current location of the gateway in https connection mode.

Lua Scenes
Possibility to download a scene trigger using the sourceTrigger object that triggered the scene.
Values retrieved from the api are typed.
Os.time, and fibaro.sleep functions.

Migration from HC2/HCL
"Finish migration" button on the welcome screen to restore backup transferred from HC2/HCL.

Disabled switching off Wi-Fi during the first configuration.

Shorter loading time of device and room lists.
Added loaders for loading lists in settings.
Unified display of entries in the debugger (Lua, Quick Apps) and the Z-Wave console.
Collapsing/expanding the settings side menu.
Added Czech language.

Satel plugin fixes and improvements..
Integration of Satel alarm partitions with the FIBARO alarm.

Display and control of climate zones.
Display and control of alarm zones.
New icons related to weather and temperature.

Quick Apps
New device types: com.fibaro.genericDevice and
Values retrieved from the api are typed.

Recovery Mode
Displaying inactive system version.
Progress bar when uploading a local file.
Displaying the time remaining to automatic reboot of the gateway.

Indicating the default room on the list of rooms.

Added the functionality description.

Bug fixes:

No refresh after synchronizing users.
Remote support cannot be enabled via remote access.

The "restore with version" feature does not download the correct software version.
Instead of restoring the selected local backup, the latest local backup is always restored.
Number of scenes in backup is always equal 0.

Block Scenes
Unable to enter the time in the delay block.
Lists of rooms and sections do not load.
Active "run scene" button despite unsaved changes.
Selected triggers disappear after reloading page.
No suitable options for the type com.fibaro.barrier.
Redundant fields in blocks for RGBW devices.
No condition values displayed for Central Scene controllers.
Forcing the watering from the scene causes a system error.
Missing translations.

Cannot display the advanced tab.
Incorrect image path causing no camera image.
Invalid default image refresh time.

Incorrect limits of minimum and maximum temperature.
Zone temperature is not displayed in manual mode.
Restarting the gateway when any partition is in Hold mode causes a system error.

Search does not work properly if entered a dot in the search box.

No device polling button if polling is globally enabled.
Double message about unsaved changes in device parameters.
Errors in displaying the energy consumption of the device.
No advanced settings section for Z-Wave locks supporting pin codes.
Changing the role of RGBW device requires reloading the page to display properly.
No icons for several types of sensors connected to the FIBARO Smart Implant.
Cannot set the minimum and maximum RGBW slider value.
Cannot reset advanced parameters to the default values.
Invalid redirection to associated device.
The Advanced tab is not displayed when added a scene with Central Scene event.
USB powered device is marked as a battery device.
The user added icon has an invalid path.
Changing the device name is not applied in the notifications.
Lack of support for the FIBARO Smart Implant device.
Incorrect support of the Danfoss RS device.

Unable to download the device template.

Setting is not displayed correctly on the days that the schedule does not apply to.
Incorrect operation of sprinklers in a sequence.

Lua Scenes
Incorrect loading of the scene editor view.
Errors in displaying the debugger.

Changing the IP address or addressing mode does not work properly.
Access Point is inactive after the recovery procedure.

Lack of filtering by type and priority.
Notifications for linked devices do not work.

Displaying incorrect checkboxes when using a tablet.
Inconsistent icons and buttons on warning popups.

Philips Hue devices are set to default light values after switching off and on.
No weather data displayed on the YR Weather plugin preview tab.

Quick Apps
New device is always assigned to the default room.
The ID of an existing item changes when adding a new item.
The device view is not updating.
Lack of code scrolling.
Importing an unassigned device results in an error.
Visual fixes.

Recovery Mode
The restore, repair and switch actions do not display statuses.
Visual fixes.

The section name does not change when closing the window.

Retrying to download the update returns an error.

Unable to close the adding controller window.
The mesh reconfiguration for the Z-Wave devices does not work.

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