Filter: Compatibility Z-Wave devices

Filter: Compatibility Z-Wave devices

As we often receive questions about the compatibility of Z-Wave devices with different Z-Wave controllers, we decided to offer to our customers the ability to filter compatiblity of individual devices with one or another controller.

This filter includes a controllers:

To find out whether it is the Z-Wave device is compatible with your controller, it is possible for each product in the “Data Sheet“.

To apply a filter to a particular controller, follow these steps. Select a category of equipment, such as Wall plugs“. Subsequently scroll down the page and on the left you will see a panel named  Filter by.


Warning! : In the event, that device you selected is partially compatible or not all with your controller or device is not tested, contact us by email and we additionally test the device compatibility with you Z-Wave controller.

Note: Over time, the condition of compatibility may change.

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