What's new:
    Block Scenes
        Selecting user or device in Notification/Push action block.
        Simplified conditions for Z-Wave door locks.
        Brand new climate zones control dashboard, available to any user:
            Setting selected zone or whole house to manual or vacation mode.
            Going back to schedule from manual or vacation mode.
        Control of door lock type devices from the right sidebar.
        Nice BiDi-ZWave notifications of obstacle detection, force exceeding, and hardware failure:
            Inactive by default in device notifications settings.
            To be displayed in system notifications panel or sent as push or e-mail messages.
            Generate relevant events to history panel.
            Available as conditions in block scenes.
        Improved time shifter with four different timespans under device charts.
        Possibility of copying the Z-Wave configuration parameters settings from another device.
        New linked device - Multilevel Sensor with four possible statistical functions.
        Notification when any device belonging to linked device was removed.
        Possibility to set theoretical power consumption for devices without power metering.
        Increased the maximum number of digits in Z-Wave door locks pin codes to eight.
        Support for Era Inn Edge Tubular Motor version 1.1 or higher.
        Support for REHAU RE.GUARD Smart water control system.
        Support for Steinel RS LED D2 Z-Wave.
        Displaying name of the weekday for a next watering sequence.
        Added button to quickly go back to the top of the list.
        Improved readability of events related to device reconfiguration.
    Lua Scenes
        Blocked the possibility of sending an empty push/interactive-push message.
        Improved the responsiveness of network settings page for mobile devices.
        Support for Nice bi-directional devices using PLN2+ communication protocol.
        Possibility to force the Nice device synchronization if the device does not respond.
        Assigning default device category based on its type when adding a new Nice device.
        Backup and restore of Nice mono-directional devices.
        Redesigned order of items in the left sidebar.
        Indication of sortable columns in the tables.
        Minor fixes to the dark theme of the interface.
        Unified behaviour of drop-down lists.
        Two new language versions: Chinese simplified and Portuguese BR.
        Improving the performance of the interface.
    Quick Apps
        Displaying the complete view of the Quick App in the FIBARO Home Center mobile app.
        Autocompletion of global variables names in getGlobal() and getVariables() functions.
        Prompting for a list of actions and device properties in the left sidebar.
        Possibility to set a role of the roller shutter device type.
        Improved closing and removing of edited control.
        Added support for WebSockets.
        Brand new scenes control dashboard, available to any user:
            Running a scene with one click on the tile.
            Scenes divided into active and inactive.
            Displaying when the scene was recently launched.
            Filtering scenes by categories or using a search bar.
            Possibility of showing scenes which are hidden.
        Added search engine in scene settings.
        Unified order of scene categories.
        Possibility of cancelling the downloaded update before its installation.
        Improved displaying of current and available software version.
Bug fixes:
    Block Scenes
        Action block for a group of devices is not available.
        Editing any block scene results in an excess of requests that overload the interface.
        Showing and hiding hidden rooms results in the wrong devices being displayed.
        No icon of an unconfigured device when adding a new Z-Wave device.
        Removing a device belonging to a climate zone from a linked device results in system crash.
        No camera image preview for a video gate linked device.
        No notifications from devices are sent when set to active by default in the latest update.
        Values on device charts are not sorted according to timestamp.
        No possibility to set date and time manually.
        Incorrect icons for FIBARO RGBW 2 (FGRGBW-442).
        Internal server error when adding a new Nice device.
        Services are not restarted automatically when restoring the backup was cancelled.
        No camera image preview for FIBARO Intercom when using a remote access.
        Enabling any profile that runs the block scene results in an excess of requests.
        The profile to which the user has no access does not refresh automatically.
        Resetting the network settings requires a manual reboot of the gateway.
        Copying a few scenes one by one makes the interface unavailable for several minutes.
        Scenes based on user's location are not triggered properly.
        Error 409 when trying to cancel an ongoing update download process.


  • Cedric Escher

    Cedric Escher 13.01.2021 Reply

    Any information, when Fibaro will make the Samsung Smart Appliances work again in the HC3?
    • SmarterHOME Team

      SmarterHOME Team 13.01.2021 Reply

      we had already written to FIBARO, so they know regarding issue.
      Lets wait for new stable version of HC3 firmware.

      Have a nice day.
      SmarterHOME Team

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