What's new:
Dark Theme - come to the dark side!
Possibility to switch active theme automatically based on sunrise and sunset.

Added column with zone ID and missing labels.

Block Scenes
Option to set time for which triggering device has not changed its state.
Shorter loading time for items in the drop-down lists.

Displaying camera image preview on the right sidebar.
Displaying both temperatures on the device tile for thermostat in auto or away mode.
Enlarged area on the device tile which opens the right sidebar.
Possibility to control slats of rollerShutter devices from the right sidebar.
Displaying device ID on the right sidebar.
Displaying humidity measured by humidifier on the device tile.

Temperature history charts for temperature sensors in device Advanced tab.
Smoke history charts for FIBARO smoke sensors in device Advanced tab.
Added possibility not to hide included devices when creating linked device.
Possibility of moving to hidden device from linked devices family view.
Support for Dome Siren (DMS01).
Support for Dome Water Main Shut-Off (DMWV1).
Support for Eurotronics Spirit TRV.
Support for Sensative Strips Comfort.
Support for Sensative Strips Drip.

Early Access Features
Support for Nice mono-directional devices using Flor and Opera communication protocols.
Displaying Nice devices on system dashboard with control from the right sidebar.
Nice devices available as actors in scenes and profiles.

Deactivated possibility of changing time zone when using manual time setting.
Improved readability of current system configuration report.
Improved layout and readability of the map displayed in Location.

Lua Scenes
Added HTTP and HTTPS clients support.

Swagger and full-screen console available in remote access.
Default console filters applied automatically depending on from where has been opened.

Quick Apps
Displaying generic and custom device view together on the right sidebar.
Autocompletion of used functions and variables.
Asynchronous sending of actions to prevent blocking the interface by awaiting requests.
Added fibaro.clearTimeout function.
Added three thermostat device types (auto, cool, heat).

Support for IP Cameras using Digest authentication.

Recovery Mode
Eight new languages (de, fr, es, it, nl, no, sv, cs).

Copied or converted scene keeps the same running mode as source scene.
Scene view is expanded after its copying or converting.
Added column with scene ID.

Bug fixes:
Backup is not saved if its name contains special characters.

Block Scenes
No conditions and actions for FIBARO Walli Roller Shutter (FGWREU-111).
Redundant fields in Philips Hue plugin blocks.

Multi-digit values do not fit the device tile and display incorrectly.
No weather data when using external weather provider.

Sprinkler linked device is assigned to Lights category instead of Climate.

Lua Scenes
Function fibaro.getGlobalVariable does not work properly.

E-mail notifications are sent to previous admin after transferring role to another user.
Rejecting n, t and ' in notifications content.

Time in backups, diagnostics, notifications, and general settings ignores set time zone.
User can see events from devices without sufficient access rights.

Incorrect state of devices belonging to Philips Hue plugin.
Cannot remove YR Weather plugin.

Quick Apps
Incorrect operation of autocompletion.
Switching to https results in console errors when using localhost (
Code of large Quick App disappears after performing update.

No reboot after performing update in some cases.
Trying to install downloaded update in some cases results in error 502.

Energy data is not removed from all endpoints of the device.

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