Fibaro HC2 - Integration of SMARWI window opener

Fibaro HC2 - Integration of SMARWI window opener

Based on the guideline and instructions from our loyal customer, we provide instructions for integrating the SMARWI device into the Z-Wave control unit Fibaro Home Center 2.

Thank you very much for tip, tutorial, virtual device and icon!

What is SMARWI?

  • Device for controlling opening / closing of windows via mobile, tablet, PC via local network or remote Internet.
  • This device is designed for automated, electronically controlled opening or closing of windows, thus ensuring the supply of fresh air to the room.
  • Open the windows automatically and effortlessly - SMARWI helps to improve the air quality in the room and thus increases the comfort of living.
  • Window opening can be scheduled in time schedules, and automated scenes can be created based on weather forecasts when integrating into the Z-Wave control unit.
  • SMARWI supports the API, which is published on the manufacturer's site (link) and can therefore be integrated into various Z-Wave controllers. The device is powered from an electrical outlet. Connecting to the Internet is via your WiFi network.
  • The construction of the device allows simple installation without the need for drilling or other adjustments of the window.
  • Know what you need to know before you buy this device - HERE.
  • More info at manufacturer's site.


Instruction for SMARWI integration into Fibaro Home Center 2 as a virtual device. This virtual device allows you to send HTTP request / s to SMARWI and control it via the Open, Close and Stop buttons.

Note: VD -> Virtual Device = Virtual Device in Fibaro = what is the VD you will learn - HERE

Virtual Device Installation:

  • Make sure the SMARWI device is logged on to your WiFi network
  • Log in to the Fibaro HC2 control panel and click on the device panel-> Add / Remove Device-> Import Virtual Device

fibaro import virtualneho zariadenia

  • Select SMARWI_v1.0.vfib (to download)
  • Wait for the import and then go to advanced settings

fibaro smarwi virtualne zariadenie

  • Insert IP address of installed SMARWI device
  • The IP address can be easily accessed on in settings/info if the user has created an account
  • Insert TCP port 80
  • Click Change icon
  • On the icon selection page, click Select File and select smarwi_128x128.png (to download)
  • The device image is added to the icon library
  • An example of a successful import looks like this

fibaro smarwi virtualne zariadenie

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