Danalock Universal Module V3, Bluetooth a Z-Wave


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Wireless entrance / access control for flush mounting

  • external power needed
  • with Bluetooth for convenient access without key
  • Z-Wave Plus

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Danalock Universal Module V3, Bluetooth a Z-Wave

The Danalock Universal module is a device for controlling all  12-24V  powered  commercially  available  locking mechanisms;  door  strikes,  electromechanical  or magnetic locks, gates etc. The  module  works  in  parallel  with  what  is  already installed or in any new installation. The  module  has  two  relay  outputs  and  one  poweroutput.

The power-output can be controlled remotely  with  the  Danalock  app  via  Android  (fromversion  4.4.4)  and  iOS  (from  iOS  9.0  and  iPhone  4S) smartphones. The relay is both Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 and/or Z-Wave driven.

Warning (7.1.2020):

Firmware version 0.6.8 is compatible with Fibaro HC2 / HCL controllers (this version should be on the module after unpacking).

Firmware version 0.8.0 is not compatible with Fibaro HC2 / HCL controllers.

Warning (24.1.2019): Only Power output can be controlled remotely.

Relay mode

The  two  relays  can  be  operated  either  parallel  orseparately.  The  relays  are  working  for  a  desired  time (1-180 sec.) or permanent when activated. The activationfor the relays can be delayed for relay 2 after activating relay  1.  The  two  relays  can  be  setup  individually  for permanent activation or for a desired time.


  • Operating voltage range 12-24V DC, 12-24V AC
  • Max input (at 24V) 100mA
  • Number of relays 2
  • Type of relays Potential-free contacts (NO/NC)
  • Power output +4 dBm@BLE, +4.5dBm@Z-wave
  • Max AC power 1A at 12V
  • Max AC current 1A at 12V
  • Max relay voltage 48V
  • Wireless communication Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy and Z-wave Plus
  • Bluetooth range 5 – 10 meters
  • Z-wave range 5 - 30 meters
Data sheet
Z-Wave technologyZ-Wave Plus (Gen 5) 868.42 MHz
IoT - Internet of ThingsWireless communication
Power SupplyCable Power
Type of electrical interconnectionDry Contact
Type of useIndoor
IP RatingIP20
Control of electrical circuits2 circuits
Switching DC voltage 12-30VYes
Compatibility with HOMEYNot tested
FIBARO HC2 CompatibilityNot Tested
FIBARO HC LITE CompatibilityNot Tested
VERA PLUS CompatibilityNot Tested
VERA EDGE CompatibilityNot Tested
ZIPABOX CompatibilityNot Tested
RAZBERRY CompatibilityNot Tested
POPP CompatibilityNot Tested
PIPER CompatibilityNot Tested
Compatibility with O2 Smart BoxNot tested

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