Vera Hard Reset

Vera Hard Reset

Sometimes problems occur and you need a fresh start. Or perhaps you just gave your old unit to a friend and want to wipe all your personal information. This blog  will guide you through all the different reset options VERA has and explain exactly what each one does.

You can return VERA to its factory default state, wiping out all the configuration changes you have made including any rooms, scenes or users you've added.


First of all, you should have created backup. From VERA's Settings tab click 'Backup' and Create.

Hardware reset via Reset button

Vera Lite – UI5

To reset the VeraLite on UI5 you’ll need to press on the Reset button for more than 10 seconds. This will clear the network settings and the user configuration.

Vera Lite – UI7

For UI7 you’ll need to hold for 5-10 seconds the Reset button to reset the network settings, and over 20 seconds to reset it to factory defaults, this will clear the account from the unit as well.

Vera Edge

To reset it you’ll need to hold for 5-10 seconds the Reset button to reset the network settings, and over 20 seconds to reset it to factory defaults, this will clear the account from the unit as well.

Vera Plus

To reset it you’ll need to press 3 times on Reset button under 6 second to reset the network settings (Network LED will blink to confirm that will reset network within 6 seconds), and press 6 times on reset button under 6 seconds for full unit reset to defaults, this will clear the account from the unit as well (Power LED will blink to confirm that will do a full factory reset to the unit. In order to apply settings, unit will reboot).

Web interface

Reset Z-Wave Settings

There are two different reset “levels”: you can either perform a Soft Reset or a full Z-Wave Network reset that will completely clear all VERA's Z-Wave chip data.

Both can be found at Settings > Z-Wave Settings > Advanced tab.

Reset Z-Wave Network

Purges all data in VERA's Z-Wave chip, which also clears out the list of Z-Wave devices paired to VERA but keeps your scenes, network settings, users, network devices, etc.

You will then need to reset any devices you previously Included, and Include them again.

Note: Should you change your mind, you can restore the Z-Wave network from a backup as long as you haven't reset any of your devices.  Once you have reset your devices, the process is irreversible, they will not come back, even if you restore the Z-Wave network from a backup.

Reset Z-Wave chip

This option is also known as Soft Reset. It will send a software reset to the Z-Wave chip that restarts the code written on it. This can help with temporary corruption issues or strange behaviours in the Z-Wave network. It will not cause any data loss.


The same operations shown above can be run via HTTP Requests:

Hard Reset      


Reset Z-Wave Network       


Remove unit from MiOS account       




    ERICK MELONIO DA COSTA 19.09.2020 Reply

    estou tentando acessar meu vera lite, mas solicita usuario e senha.
    estou colocando o usuario e senha que utilizo para acessar o portal da getvera mas nao é aceito.

    alguem sabe como corrigir o problema ?
    • SmarterHOME Team

      SmarterHOME Team 21.09.2020 Reply

      thank you for posting your comment.
      What are you trying to do with your Vera Lite?

      If you need hard reset just put
      in your web browser and change VERA_IP for IP address of your Vera Lite controller.

      Thank you and have a nice day.
      SmarterHOME Team
  • blair

    blair 30.10.2019 Reply

    I have tried holding the reset button for a seemingly infinite amount of time and it will not reset, either partially or factory.

    I have power cycled it multiple times, rebooted my router, held reset button for numerous different lengths of time, even tried standing on one foot and facing north when I did it, no luck.

    Any thoughts?
    • SmarterHOME Team

      SmarterHOME Team 03.11.2019 Reply

      thank you for your post.
      You did not mention which Vera controller you have.
      But if none of above help, you should probably contact Vera support or
      Thank you.
      Have a nice day.
  • This Site

    This Site 17.07.2019 Reply

    Pretty great post. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wanted to mention that I have really loved browsing your weblog posts. In any case I will be subscribing for your feed and I am hoping you write again soon!
    • SmarterHOME

      SmarterHOME 19.07.2019 Reply

      Thank you.
  • B

    B 08.08.2018 Reply

    where is the reset button on vera lite???
    • SmarterHOME

      SmarterHOME 13.08.2018 Reply


      The Reset Button on Vera Lite is the small hole next to Exclusion "-" Minus button, just above LEDs.

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