Version 4.542 BETA  

New improvements:

  • Optimized and reduced amount of data processed when adding Z-Wave devices.
  • Optimized and reduced amount of data processed when booting the system.
  • Optimized communication between services to speed up the operation of the gateway.
  • Added geofencing events to be used in scenes.
  • Added possibility of setting radius around the point in localization panel.
  • Added notification recommending users to edit scenes based on location to ensure their proper operation in the next version of FIBARO Home Center app.
  • Optimized response time of scenes setting brightness and color of the LED ring for FIBARO Walli series.
  • Optimized the pin codes synchronization process for Z-Wave locks by reducing their maximum limit.
  • Added possibility of assigning virtual devices to categories to be used in FIBARO Home Center app.
  • Added possibility of hiding the virtual device.
  • Added possibility of creating global variables with predefined values.  

Resolved issues:

  • The map in location configuration is not displayed correctly and the location cannot be set by entering coordinates.
  • Gateway in DHCP mode does not automatically establish a connection in case of temporary network shortage.
  • Parameters cannot be changed for devices without templates.
  • Setting the decimal separator affects values after the decimal point for temperature sensors.
  • List of backups does not load correctly.
  • Specific configuration of sprinklers panel results in no connection with the gateway.
  • Remote support does not work after losing and restoring the connection to remote access.
  • FIBARO Walli devices do not properly support all actions available in scenes.
  • Actions set in the configuration of FIBARO Walli devices are not hidden after changing the value of responsible parameter.
  • The output status of the FIBARO Smart Implant changes automatically after rebooting the gateway.
  • Leviton devices do not report the status correctly.
  • CoolMasterNet Universal HVAC Bridge loses configuration after rebooting the gateway.
  • Other minor fixes.

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