Software Changes List:

Version 4.160

New improvements:

- Improved Fibaro Heat Controller support

- Improved secure communication

- Improved PIN synchronization stability for Z-Wave locks

- Added default temperature sets to heating panel

- Update of devices' states after Home Center start

- Protection against incorrect Power and Energy values for Fibaro devices

- Improved notification center for users without admin privilege

- Improved installed plugins view

- Possibility to change size of edit window in LUA scenes

- Updated Wall Plug US icons

- Frequency information when adding new devices to Home Center

- Improved control of third party devices included in heating panel zone - manual setting on any thermostat will exclude it from a heating panel schedule for two hours

Resolved issues:             

- Problem with generating Magic scenes for alarm conditions

- Problem with saving Blocks scenes

- Problem with refreshing interactive push scenes

- Inability to set association in Home Center added as Secondary controller

- Problem with displaying devices' parameters

- Problem with controlling temperature sets in heat schedules after time passes 00:00

- Problem with displaying rooms when Hikvision camera plugin was added to system in Edge browser

- Problem with displaying grouped devices

- Problem with refreshing Slider value for Sonos plugin

- Wrong notification about incorrect mesh network reconfiguration

- Problem with low battery level notification

- Problem with not disappearing notification about energy measurement in dashboard

- Deleted wrong resources from Fibaro Docs

- Problem with sending multi-line interactive push messages

- Problem with undefined parameters of Aeotec Siren Gen5

- Problem with incorrect translations for Fibaro Intercom

- Problem with 503 error after system startup

- Problem with operating some devices from the heating panel

- Problem with displaying LUA and Block scenes when using devices included in security mode

- Problem with displaying devices' parameters

- Problem with "Arming delay" and "Disarming delay" functions in Fibaro Alarm

- Problem with Zipato RFID Reader reports handling

- Problem with block scenes using delay

- Problem with a delay function used as a condition in block scenes

- No device grouping section for Fibaro RGBW Controller

- Minor graphic fixes

- Minor system fixes

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