Version 4.540

New improvements:

  • Optimized handling of Z-Wave logs to improve the devices communication with the gateway.
  • Optimized handling of FLiRS devices (eg. FIBARO Heat Controller) to improve communication with the gateway.
  • Added possibility of setting brightness and colour of the LED ring in scenes for FIBARO Walli series.
  • Added slats orientation status displaying in the event panel for FIBARO Roller Shutters.
  • Added possibility of grouping the FIBARO Roller Shutters.
  • Added information about Z-Wave parameters configuration status in the device advanced settings tab.
  • Added popup recommending to refresh the device settings page in case of not updated Z-Wave parameters model.
  • Added indicator informing about unsaved Z-Wave parameter.
  • Added possibility of assigning each room to one of the categories.
  • Added notification about existing two users with the same login.
  • Added support for FIBARO Walli series.
  • Added support for FIBARO Smart Implant.
  • Added support for five Leviton devices: Plug-In Outlet DZPA1-2BW, Plug-In Dimmer DZPD3-2BW, Dimmer DZ6HD-1BZ, Dimmer DZ1KD-1BZ, Switch DZ15S-1BZ.
  • Added support for Oomi by Fantem MultiSensor.
  • Added support for Jasco ZW6302B Portable Smart Multi Sensor.
  • Added support for Remotec ZXT-600AU.

Resolved issues:

  • Weather is not updating.
  • Unwanted IP address blocking by the external integrations.
  • Possibility to change the e-mail address owned by the admin to the one already used by a regular user.
  • Possibility to enter in the wizard the e-mail address containing uppercase letters.
  • Login to the user account if the admin and user logins are identical.
  • User receives notifications recommending a change of the PIN code owned by the admin.
  • Notification recommending to change the default PIN code does not contain the user login.
  • No possibility to perform the calibration of FIBARO Roller Shutter 3 module.
  • No scene controller after adding the device in Security mode.
  • Incorrect operation of external sensors connected to the FIBARO Smart Implant.
  • Error while adding IP Camera from the device configuration.
  • Incorrect approximation of the power measured by the device.
  • FIBARO RGBW Controller device category cannot be edited.
  • Possibility to set the action for holding the button when the FIBARO Roller Shutter 3 works with a bistable button.
  • No status after editing the location settings when restarting the gateway.
  • No possibility to update the FIBARO Heat Controller without the external temperature sensor.
  • External temperature sensor status is not displayed when the sensor is not paired.
  • Unwanted notifications about devices status change.
  • Incorrect time after performing the Recovery procedure.
  • Other minor fixes.


  • Martin

    Martin 18.03.2019 Reply

    Update este nie je k dispozicii.
    • SmarterHOME Team

      SmarterHOME Team 21.03.2019 Reply

      Dobrý deň,
      update bol stiahnutý kvôli objaveniu bug-u, plánovaný release (vypustenie) by malo byť v pondelok 25.3.2019 - podľa informácií na
      Pekný deň.

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